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Don’t freak out. The post’s title is no rocket science or nuclear and chemical concoction to destroy mankind. It’s the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). As simple as the four lettered, F U C K. It is something that filmmaker and TV personality, Karan Johar spoke about in an NDTV interview during the launch of his book. It made me realize that I was a victim for a very long time and will perhaps be again, for social media gives an orgy of sort, kinda mental orgasm.
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It’s an addiction like the last cigarette puffed. There are days when you feel you can’t do without like kissing and making up in a public space. Hey! You turn into troll who ends up not having anything worthwhile to do or the simple fact that your sex life is brazen and dull. The FOMO moments are a kinda affliction for which there is no cure. It’s like turning into an over entitled asshole who suddenly has everything to say about anything, be it on Facebook or Twitter. You might be rejected for a PR job or the mainstream TV channels may have discounted you for being self-claimed opinion makers faster than your parents would disown you. The tribe who spend their time trolling and following every other TV anchor, calling them names like prestitutes or anti-nationals. The celebrities are at your receiving end. You avoid the FOMO moment and got in time to be an invisible celebrity whose shit no one cares about.

Social media is tempting in all its forms. Right now, I am not suffering from any form of FOMO. I’ve switched off from Facebook for three months and will tune off for another one month. No! I am not deprived of anything. It feels more peaceful to be in my space. It’s another story that I am alien about the latest happenings. When I get back, I am sure a handful of people have unfriended me and no sir, I don’t feel like a dude unfriended by chicks. Un-FOMO! It’s the coolest way to go.

The whole spectrum of social media is about checking what the whole world is doing-who is sleeping with whom, pressing for likes and the whole tagging shagging or swearing about love on the rooftop on Valentine Day. It really sucks one’s energy to the core. It’s not FOMO but Peeping Tom that we have become, staking a claim in every step taken by celebrities or pressing for likes. The whole tagging shagging business simply irritates when you are suddenly tagged by xyz.

Have I been a victim of FOMO? Guilty as charged for I would be lying if I say the contrary. But, it’s all in the distant past. I don’t have this fear anymore for there is a life beyond status, likes, comments or share. I don’t feel the need to make a statement on any issue, plaguing the country. I can speak any day on the blog which I believe which is a far better medium. There was a time when I would freak out on being unfriended by someone but nowadays, it’s just routine and exuding, my work is done.

Insta pics of the latest party, pouting or bathroom selfies! I can’t understand how people are able to click and share every nanosecond of their life as if they’ve been rendered jobless by the good ole Brexit, or lost the sense of purpose in life. Seriously! This brand avatar of FOMO makes them look like a pale version of Kejriwal shouting scams or mere nau lakh ka har as if selfie dom is the new jewellery in town. The FOMO tribe may just tell us that the Kohinoor is back in India!

It’s FOMO and not your claim to fame, which is psychologically ingrained that you need to be all over the place to tell your story of love and hate. You are not missing anything. Just pull the trousers and zip it up to keep going. FOMO is so passe and over the top. Nothing better to do…FOMOed. You may just fake an orgasm or an invisible mental masturbation.