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Dear love

Dear Love,

It’s not the end of it. We don’t need to celebrate with flowers, chocolates, and perfumes that the world call Valentine Day to validate our love. Has our love become so cheap that goodies will fulfill our quest and define us? It’s the heart that matters. Silence expresses a myriad of feelings and emotions. I chose not to make out and swirl in the fiery passion of kissing and caressing your skin. Love needs no touch but conveyed through the eyes that express and stokes fire. 

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We are ordinary mortals yet timeless in the way we grow in love. We are not narrating a tale to boost sensual pleasure for the world to speak about us. Love is growth. As separate individuals, we attain the nirvan of love by blooming like red roses. It’s the tide that lifts the boats and the waves that sweep souls ensconced into one entity. It’s not two bodies but one wholesome particle that makes love pure and white like the swan. 

Giving a name to our relationship signal our death knell and destroy our existence as lovers. We shall not fetter each other in the chain of possessiveness and yearning for each other every single moment. Unchain each other and be free from bondage. I don’t promise the moon to you. You are the moon. How can I promise something that transgresses nature and existence? After all, I am an ordinary soul that wields no power on you.

Longing, kissing, anger and break up are just stupid epithets to describe lovers. Love is not about promises made to be always with each other. I vow to set our love free. We will not burn in the fire of love or lust. We are beyond emotions that suck our pristine heart capable of loving fully. We are not insurance with conditions attached.  Love has no sex. It’s not a man. It’s not a woman. Crazy, stupid but powerful love roaring like an earthquake. It shakes the world. The four letter word is our prayer. It is not their definition that we seek to make us real. It’s not the law, rites and social sanctity called marriage which we are seeking. Remember we are seekers. It is the love that unfolds the blinkers.  It’s not for society to dictate our lives. We are beyond materialism and attachment.

There is no control button in love. It’s not TV or remote control. Or else, it was never love in the first place. It’s us. It is U, Me and Us. Humans is another name for evolution. Evolution is love. Our hearts are no technological device. We are not slaves to each other’s feelings. Nomad is thy name, perhaps. But, again, why give a name to what we are to each other. Fellow travelers who hold a potent meaning to each other’s lives. Chuck out the expensive gifts, Our love is beyond the wealth spent. Our love is no demonetisation. 

Happy Love




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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