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Rain, books and lazing around

It’s been raining cats-and-dogs uninterrupted since Saturday and feeling. I can hear the lash of rain bursting on the window sill and love the pitter-patter of rain lashing and wind unfurling its fury. It’s music to the ear. I downed a cup of tea that warmed the body which beats the cold to propel me back to the grind of writing. I am back after a blog break of almost a month.

I can hear the frogs creeping out of the hole in the rainy weather and love hearing the sound they make. It is soothing to the ear. I drenched myself in the rain that accompanied the cyclone and spent the day reading The Unquiet Land by Barkha Dutt which I just started. I was dying to get my copy written by my idol which was ordered and when it came, it was nestled among loads of books.  It’s an old habit to buy and hoard books to read at leisure.

It’s been quite an extended lazy weekend where I end up doing nothing but lazing around and slouching on the bed. The feeling of doing nothing and pushing work for tomorrow is simply exhilarating. There are few days like that and a luxury of the sort to end up not doing anything. I guess that it is something that we should all do from time-to-time and need to stop pushing ourselves to the wall. I’ve been off Facebook for almost three months now and the longest time that I deactivated the account. Social media bores me nowadays and trust me, it’s the best thing that one can do. Switch off. It can take a toll on the brain and better to cut off to get back some sanity. I am sure that when I go back, it will be a new me. I don’t want to put controversial posts which have been a habit with me and indulging in mudslinging with friends turning intro trolls. It attracts negativity which I am not keen on doing any more.

Yesterday, was quite funny on Twitter when I had this chat with a TV journalist, complimenting her work when idiotic trolls popped in like uninvited fucks and hovered around like termites. The best thing is I didn’t reply to them. I am learning to ignore idiotic and brainless comments. The moment you fall sway to the game, you are sucked into it. Sorry, Sir! I am done with that. As you age your turn into old wine, chucking out silly tweets and stay away from disputes. The sheer pleasure of frustrating the trolls who don’t have anything better to do with their inane religious extremism. The right to get offended! ,

I just finished reading Chitra Banerjee’s Palace of Illusion which is an amazing book in narrating the tale of Mahabharata from Draupadi’s perspective. My only tryst with Mahabharata was BR Chopra’s serial which I watched as a kid and Palace of Illusion is a beautiful interpretation which deserves to be read. It’s a complete page turner that touches the human souls of the mythical figures. I love how the author has expressed the nuances and described characters like Draupadi, presenting her as a strong woman, Karna, and Krishna. Both Draupadi and Krishna remain my favorite characters in the mythological tale. How I wish I could interpret this story in a brand new way, making Draupadi and Krishna lovers but with a risk of trolls and fundamentalist running down my neck.

It’s one of the most amazing books I’ve read this year and the author has brilliantly depicted the story of a woman who was designed to play a bigger role in the universe before she came into the world. I love the strength and complexity in Draupadi, in awe of how Krishna can be so playful and maintain his cool and smile in the face of insult.

I am dying to get the new Apple 7 phone this year and already fascinated by its features after using my HTC One X during four years. It’s the maximum and record time that I have used a handset. I was planning to travel to India this month but there are some glitches that need to be overcome. It has toned down my excitement of meeting family, friends, indulging in shopping and being at my favorite places. I am confident that things will be sorted out and that way I can get my phone at Dubai Duty-free shop during the stopover.


Cya soon




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24 thoughts on “Rain, books and lazing around

  1. Social media is a bit much at times, I agree.
    I have been reading so much about the book Palace of Illusions, got to pick it, it has been on my drive for a while now.
    All the best for your phone, happy shopping.

    1. Yeah Inderpreet, agree social media gets too much at times. I am looking forward to buy the phone at a better price and do read Palace of Illusions. A must have. Thanks fro dropping.

  2. Yup, wanna get offline too, same feeling my friend – it bores me —- life is so much more- it’s like it’s a bubble…. Great post Vishal, my friend, just the read I needed:-)

    1. Thanks Eli. Glad someone agree to it. There is much more to life than social media and good to break away from that world to live in the real. I am happy the post resonates with you.

  3. what an excellent picture you have posted! 🙂
    I am looking forward to Saturday now, so that I can curl up with a book – at least for a hour or two if not the whole day 🙂
    Still thinking of logging out of facebook – last year I went offline twice for at least 3 months… should do it this time too

    1. Thanks so much. Weekends are the best times to read. One hour of reading is a good way to get back. If you switched off for three months, it becomes very easy. Just deactivate and will work out fine.

  4. Hi Vishal!
    Loved every line of your post. Facebook, whatsapp….even I’m done with that.
    Thanks for introducing some good books here. Currently I’m reading Karan’s wife by Kavita Kane and saw a whole new Draupadi from her eyes.
    You are the first who stole my thoughts of Krishna and her to be lovers. I guess theirs was unconditional love…A rare to find these days.
    I wish people could be large hearted enough to accept these kinds of things but…
    Anyway I enjoyed reading it 🙂

    1. Thanks Meenakshi. I’d love to read Kane’s book and love reading the mythological stories set in a modern era. Yeah, Krishna and Draupadi love was so pure. I wish people should get rid of prejudices and be more open..but we know the story, as you rightly implied. Glad our thoughts converge and big thank you:)

  5. So glad you were able to deactivate your Facebook. Social media does more harm than good. I badly wish to come out of that bubble, but I find it hard. I hope I can sometime soon. Lovely depiction of a perfect lazy day! 🙂

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