Scent of passion


Silly peck;

Adrenaline sensation felt like bee’s sting;

Blood waltzing to heavenly passion;

Lips cupping and meeting at infinity point;

Rush of electric jolt,

bringing the bodies to halt at girth;

Heavy breathing;

Time has stopped;

Longing for the scent of passion, loveless touch, and harmless affair;

Craving for the emotional touch;

It felt like a punch straight to the heart;

Pressing caress up and down,

treading the unchartered zone where no humans reached.

Erogenous zones;

An orgasm that blew the lid off;


The climax failed to reach its zenith;

Mind holding the reins over bodily pleasures;

Emotions overpowered intimate touch;

It’s the love we make;

Mind flicking the human battery to perfection;





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