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WoW: Throw back to a year gone into oblivion

I cannot complain or rile as I look back to the year that was. Every single day, moment or year is a new beginning for me as I mull or fail to understand the hoopla about the new year for it’s just a change in the calendar. The year 2016 was a challenge and a sort of game changer for me since I was taught the virtues of patience and go with the flow in life. Nothing is permanent, success and failure, or high and lows.

Things shaped for me during the second half of the year where I was blessed with an exciting opportunity in my career where I turned into a consultant in the field of media and journalism and 2017 sounds exciting as I debut as a Corporate trainer. It was the best phase in my life where things suddenly changed for the best despite the hiccups and challenge in the year that started quite slow. I was like, not again since it’s been three lean years for me, bringing me face-to-face with my destiny where I suffered depression, failure, and the ongoing struggling.

There are so many things that you learn in this journey when you start questioning yourself and mulling whether you are doing things the right way. The month of January started on a wrong note when a close cousin-brother passed away suddenly in UK and few deaths in the family.  One thing that I learned is the need to detach as human beings which I feel is very important.

The second month of the year was the time I took a courageous decision which made me proud. I resigned from a job that wasn’t fulfilling and the offers I turned down due to paltry salary offered. It taught me something very important, always respect yourself for if you don’t, nobody will. I was broke but patience was on my side and slowly the rewards showed. I was taught the need to learn, unlearn old things, learn new things to grow as a person and to chuck out negative energy from life. Over this year, I have learned one thing: Your priority matters the most, not that of relatives or people who don’t play a role in your life. I have become individualistic and made the self-triumph. I am still learning to say No to people. I also make it a point to compete with myself as an individual to improve my game and not with others. I believe, it’s how we grow as human beings. I became calmer, composed and a much happier person in my space.

The self-matters as we are on a quest to discover ourselves and never lose yourself by making people’s happiness matter more than yours. Refuse an invitation if you feel like and distance yourself from toxic people. Never compromise on your space and don’t be afraid to say so.

It was the year where I came across new people and renewed my bond with old ones, meeting my Rakhi sister along with her husband after a decade. Would you believe that? We were together in college at Pune and couldn’t believe of meeting in another country. It reaffirmed my faith in magic and positivity. The best friend is also getting married in Mumbai and after he broke the news, it came as a shock. Of all the people, not him!

The year ended with few worries after I was diagnosed with gastric issues and the test showed slow rhythm in the heart beat due to smoking. The face went numb one day with pains traveling in the body, dizziness, and weakness. The slow heart beat was attributed to heavy smoking. It came as a blessing in disguise for I was able to drastically cut smoking in the month of December. I am also back into yoga and practicing regularly at home. The year I chose health over bad toxic habits.

It was also the year where the wrong man and a racist won the US Presidential Election and Brexit triumphed over human sanity. It is a dangerous time when racism and human prejudices are towering above everything else. But, it’s no reason to stop believing and we should act as a watchdog against intolerance in every part of the globe. Closer home, demonetisation takes the pie in being the news of the year. Pulp fiction has a name. Any guesses?!

In short, 2016 became the defining year for me where I was taught the virtue of patience and a gentle reminder that I need to be more open to opportunities, stop being hyper and calm down. Not every downturn in life is a sign of failure but a lesson. Learn and move on. It was the year when I made a comeback from a professional and personal perspective.

Wishing all of you a blissful Happy New year 2017, crowned with good health, wealth, money, and prosperity.


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9 thoughts on “WoW: Throw back to a year gone into oblivion

  1. Very interesting read. It seems the year 2016 is driven by your own consciousness and you listen to that. Your experiences are also the experiences of most others, just in different packages. But everybody can relate with them. Enjoy life in your uncompromising “space”.

  2. ‘Not every downturn in life is a sign of failure but a lesson’ ….that’s the most wonderful thing I have heard, Vishal, and it couldn’t be more true. that’s the best way to move on too! we all have our ups and downs, and we may not always come up tops, but it doesn’t mean we never will.

    have a great year!

    1. Thanks so much Shubhangi and sorry for the delay in commenting. It was a blessing in disguise and one of the lessons I have learned. We keep learning in this journey, I believe.

      Have an awesome year, too!

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