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Sex with an Ex (6)

The room was dark and eerie. Rohini stood frozen as a walking shadow flicked behind her on the white coated wall. A candle was lit and flashed on her near perfect and attractive face with the fading wrinkle.

Rohini’s hair fell on her round and angular face, that no sane man could keep away from. She wondered why Ajay doesn’t find her attractive anymore. She leaped to her feet and stood like a statue, shivering to death when a rapacious lip pressed and bit her ear. Suddenly, a stiff male hand traveled inside her bra and squeezed her boob that became stiff and she felt her inside exploding like molten lava.

She wore an air of relief when the male voice that whispered into her air sounded familiar. She turned around to unbutton his shirt.  He carried her into her arms to the bed and gently tells, “Your hair and colorful string of hippie necklaces are embarrassing me.” It made her desirable. “It’s simple. Remove them carefully. I am all yours tonight.” She pulled off her skirt and bra as an invitation to him and felt his force inside her.

Rohini was scheming and knew that sex is a weapon which she would control this man like a TV remote in her hand and press at will. She wore a calm demeanor, spoke seductively and paused at regular interval.  “I hope the amazing sex that we are having will not distract you from the duty. We need to act fast. Baby, it’s the time to stop losing the time or else, our plan will fizzle in the air. After all, it is a question of crores. It’s time for you to gain her trust. It’s not happening. She is confused and it’s the time to hit when the iron is hot. Mess up with her mind. She is our passport to heaven.”

He nodded but knew at the same time, that Rohini cannot be trusted. She cannot be a stupid woman who fell for his charm but today she is showing her true colors. He knows that he gotta be cautious for she will not wait a second to finish him once the mission is over.


The furtive eyes of Anita followed Ajay as he drove the gray silver BMW car on the busy street of Mumbai and almost cursed at the yellow-and-black cabbie doing a U-turn in front of them. He avoided the taxi just in time and banged on his window. “Easy,” Anita said. “Bhenchod,” Ajay cursed.

Anita cleared her throat and spoke with composure, “It’s not happening, Ajay. This relationship is not going anywhere unlike this car. Sex and just sex. Bas! You don’t have the balls to divorce your wife. I cannot be kept in the dark. Truth is I don’t have the courage to break up with my fiance.”

He stopped the car and unfastened the seat belt, caressed her hair to move closer to her. “No,” she hollered. “Don’t fucking touch me, I dare you.” “Be patient, babe,” he tried to calm her. Thud! A huge explosion deafened their ears and the glass windows splintered, hitting them on their faces. Ajay and Anita clutched to each other and their eyes slowly blinked. They fell unconscious.

It’s been months that they were closely watched by a roving eye and every move they made, be it inside the hotel room lying naked, smooching passionately or squabbled were shot on camera.

Earlier chapters can be read here.


To be continued…



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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