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Book Review: Glitter and Gloss is the season’s rom-com read

Book Review: Glitter and Gloss

Author: Vibha Bhatra

Publisher: Bloomsbury India

Released in: July 26

Pages: 184

Rating: Three and a half stars



A cocktail of love and break ups, crazy roomies, and friendship exploring the erogenous zones makes Glitter and Gloss an explosive read this winter. It’s the first time I am reading Vibha Batra and she cooks a unique appealing dish of romance, friendship and bitching that makes Laughter Challenge fade in comparison. The book is breezy and the spasm of laughter pumps the adrenaline with Vibha effortlessly exploring the nuance of relationships that never loses steam and it makes her latest romance outing all glitter and gloss.


Misha is a make-up artist who, after a series of mishaps and twists and turns, falls madly in love with Akshay who reciprocates her love with ardour. The only hitch in this perfect romance is her prospective sister-in-law who thinks Misha is everything a Bahu shouldn’t be: garrulous, geeky, gawky, gainfully employed (especially the last bit).

Blurb credit:


The life of Misha as a make-up artist can be drab and routinely blissful in the company of besties, Poulomi and Samy who love hating each other but adore the main protagonist to death. Misha’s bestie is on a mission to save Misha before all the guys go instinct and urge her to hunt desperately for a date. It comes in the form of a fleshed out version of Fawad Khan who doesn’t trot on a horse as the black and shine armor when he comes across Misha in a fashion show. The narration and dialogues are effortlessly done in a constant flow that will make readers laugh their lungs out.

The book will be identified with Gen X and the author makes no bone in sketching the narration in such a manner to tap relationships complexities. Glitter and Gloss truly live to its genre of rom-com with the one-liners and funny situations. The light moments are not forced on its readers and provoke peals of laughter.

The character, Poulomi, is one-of-its-kind and the in-your-face chick that will take us back to our college friends for we all had that one friend for whom the world never goes around and it can be merrily twisted to one’s bizarre imagination. The hero of the book, Akshay is described as a charmingly unique mystery man and Misha gets an adrenaline rush and oxymoron crush drooling over his sexy quotient. Like in the movies, the man comes as a savior to the heroine where love gotta ignites fire.  The first kiss, stoked with ‘head dip and lips brush against mine’ happens in the unlikeliest situation to create a dynamite of sort. The author should be credited for creating the first kiss in the unlikeliest situation or place and injecting intimacy and hilarious touch at the same time.

“He tears his mouth and releases me abruptly from that delicious warm embrace. My eyes fly open as I go from sensuous Cinderella to Piddu Pumpkin…Bade deshon mein aisi choti choti galtiyan hoti rehti hain? My heart threatens to explode out of my chest as I gawk at him.”

Our Akki has a sister, Didi, who swears by jewelry, prayer meets and of course, upholding the family traditions for the new to be Bahu in the Agarwal khandaan. This puts Misha in a fix when Didi meets the former’s Mom who isn’t shy to parade her young boyfriend. It gets hilarious when both Didi and Misha’s mother discuss saat pheras and religious outings. It couldn’t be better framed than that and is one of the core highlights of the book. How Mom almost spoils the fun! The sequence in the narration has been one of the best ‘comedy of errors’ that you could have read in recent times. The cherry on the cake is Misha who imagines herself to be a fresh version of  ‘Tulsi Virani’ and takes it upon herself to save the family honor. A fun ride!

What’s Not!

There are quite a few glitches in this tale of Glitter and Gloss. The new age, Misha, tries hard to be a sati savitri, taking it upon herself to fit in this crazy religious family and being a Manglik, seems regressive in today’s world. Not that, it doesn’t happen in society. Moreover, the transition of the lovelorn couple, Misha, and Akshay wanting to get hitched seems drastic to a certain extent, in my view. Even, the break up between Akshay and Misha seems too sudden. I feel that the author should have delved deeper into the romance angle and flirting to keep the suspense alive till the climax end.

Final Words:

Glitter and Gloss is a refreshing tale with the ‘condom moods killer friends’ spoiling the night’ to the ‘veggie suitor’ feasting on flesh and detectives that makes it a read to kill. Vibha Bhatra has churned a delightful tale of love and romance that will find its way in your hearts. You cannot afford to miss ‘Glitter and Gloss.’

I was contacted by the author who gave me the book for free in exchange for a honest review. You can buy the book here. You can follow the author on Twitter.




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