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Pune Memoirs Part Two: New Year dhamaka on roof top (3)

Pune Memoirs

Second Year: (Part Two):

December 31, 2005,/ January 1, 2006

I am a party person and can count the number of times that I have attended for my social awkwardness and very inept with socializing with people. It was our batch party where the whole class invited and hosted on the rooftop of our classmate, Aparna’s building at the very posh Panchwati in Pune.

Initially, I was reluctant to attend but finally bulged with the best friend, Adi prodding me and poking fun that I will be sitting alone in the flat when everyone will enjoy at the party.

The lecture got over at noon on December 31st where Pune was hot as hell despite the wintery weather in the evening. I hopped to Savera, our college hang out for coffee and after meeting with friends, I walked in the sun to JM Road, shopping for few music CDs and paperback books. It was a couple of days back that I went to MG Road along with Adi and his now ex girlfriend where I shopped for a nice pair of black shoes and jazzy black trousers for the party.

We were the first one to reach the party and whined time socializing with new people and gradually the crowd thronged to the balcony as my eyeballs hit the bar with Vodka and orange juice doing the rounds. The love interest came that sent my heart into tizzy dressed in a colorful short skirt and accompanied by another female who I normally avoid for she always goes hyper when high on alcohol. Imagine my plight when I was sweetly coaxed by both to turn into a photographer and shoot the nubile sexy pair of legs. I was like, what the fuck! I wonder whether both women are some aliens who descended on planet earth or what!  The worse was the numerous retakes of shooting legs and the women were never tires or shy of posing for the camera. Finally, I was done with relief and headed to the bar to drown myself in the sea of vodka.

It didn’t take me long to get drunk. I swear. I couldn’t dance for the charm of alcohol swept me off its feet. It’s quite funny for when I walked to the bar, I wasn’t drinking alcohol but the sweetened taste of Orange juice that made me weak in the knee. I am no alcoholic but couldn’t resist the mixture of Smirnoff or Romanov Vodka with Orange juice. Now, who the hell gave the idea of mixing both. I think it’s Adi who is fascinated by that mix and claimed the victim in me for in my mind it wasn’t alcohol but Orange juice. I have a thing for Orange juice, often mistaking it for aphrodisiac of sort. That day, I was tricked into high and soaring spirit.

The side effects of gulping three to four drinks in less than an hour pushed me to squat in a corner, far away from the wild crowd dancing and music I was oblivious to. The waves in my brain shunted me off the party world and no activity could knock me off my perch. It didn’t dawn to me that I was sitting close to the grill and barbecue flame caressed my face. The only thing that I could do was get up to pour another drink and smoke like a chimney. I disappeared from the party that left Adi,

I kept disappearing from the party that left Adi, Manish and the others wondering where I have slipped and those morons thought that I might have jumped off the building. They even looked around to see if some inert body was lying somewhere on the ground, drenched in blood.  I wandered outside the building with a fag in hand and called relatives based out of India. I tried calling Mom and Dad to wish them Happy New Year. After all, I had to finish the phone balance that would expire anytime soon. At that time, BPL recharge was the hottest thing in India and the latest SIM that I got blessed yours truly with a balance of 500 bucks and 24 hours later, my account was credit with double the amount that made it 1000 bucks talk time. That’s the real deal.

Somehow, devils have a way of getting back to you like Professor Snape and they heckled me back to the party. I was made to sit like a statue and handed a glass of vodka. I again sneaked out like some runaway groom and was caught again, not without being threatened. The crush broke my heart into tiny pieces as she swarmed in front of me and calling me to join the gang on the dance floor. Now, somebody should have explained that I was not in the state to dance and my fear of tripping since too much of alcohol has flown inside the body. She danced with several dudes. The heart was broken into multiple pieces as if I am some empty glass.

I don’t even remember whether I had dinner past midnight when the whole word was merry making and beeline for food. I was too drunk to remember. All I remember that I squatted on the floor, making an effort with the trembling fingers to return New Year greeting on sms. But, I did remember dancing in a group when Adi dragged me on the floor to swing to the tune of Sukhbir’s Oho ho ho, Ishq Tera Padpaya with Adi trying to lip-synching to Oho ho ho. It’s one of my favorites. I do remember hugging whoever I could to wish happy new year like a statue. I think Adi and his girlfriend stayed with the group since they wanted to gaze at the sunrise on January 1. I left with Manish, Kusum and may be, Neraj past 2 a.m in the morning. I was only too happy to find my bed and slept like a baby.

We ushered in the year 2006 where I vowed to make a fresh start. It’s another thing that I used to make that vow every year. The Vodka gave me such a bad hangover and made me realize that there would be no way my frame would be in the group’s pictures, except two one with Adi and another one with the crush. Blame it on the alcohol that made me wander far away in some isolated world. During the day, the horrible hangover seeped out of my system and finally decided to venture out in the late afternoon. I took a long walk past college when I saw one gay guy that I loathed who was at the party and sitting with a chick and classmate that I came across in college a couple of times. I saw both of them sitting in our college hangout from a distance and both of them started laughing when that guy said something pointing in my direction. I ended up hating that girl and vowed never to speak to her. I didn’t for a long time. To cut a story short, she became a very close pal of my mind and a kinda ‘guy buddy’ friend, someone you wouldn’t like to date but swear the filthiest Hindi cuss words, drink together and share everything, be it crushes or my love interests and her boyfriend.








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