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Sky gazing: Flush of emotions and memories

A strangely beautiful sight is capturing my soul and sight since the past few days at night fall and sunset times outside the window. It makes me wonder how I missed watching the beautiful sky that invites itself every single day and it’s something that has eluded me. Blame it on us humans on how rarely we pause to watch the power energy that flows and wilfully ignore nature in our humdrum of daily life.


It caught me by surprise. It was one evening when I was struck by the beautiful blue sky that I dashed outside and took a stroll to admire it. It’s pure bliss. Somehow, it transported me back to my Mumbai days when I would walk at Marine Drive and sat on the parapet to fix my eyes on the sky and sunset in the evening. It was such a magical feeling. It has since come back since yesterday.

We tend to run from pillar to post to get things done. We often forget how pristine beautiful nature is, flowers, sky, mountains, sea, stars that offer stillness and soothes the senses. A tale of counting our blessings in the sky. The magnificent view is so aesthetically divine that I took the digi Kodak camera to shoot the sky in all its shining form. It’s the true sparkle of life. How many of us have taken the time to walk at a leisure pace and stop for a while to admire the beautiful scenery? I bet, very few of us do that. It works wonder to the soul. Trust me on that.


It’s a routine exercise that we should do every day to combat the drudgery of life, be it disappointments, emotional upheaval or illness that sucks our core energy. We are so much consumed by a life that pushes us to the extreme that happiness looming large is often ignored and we focus on negativity. We hardly take the time to stop for a while, walk a bit and contemplate on our day. One thing that I would love to do is to pull out a chair and sit in the open to breathe fresh air, let the energy flow kiss my face and gently stroke my soul. I am guilty as charged for rarely or never do that. Or, standing tall and still, meditate in the open, caress the tender flowers and bask in the sun’s glory. It can be so empowering and usher in joy. Love couldn’t come in more powerful force than that. It’s all around us.

I am fascinated how a sparkle from the sky can rekindle so many happy memories and evoke the distant past when I was a carefree young man, reveling in the beauty of the atmosphere, strolling my way in Mumbai. It was during visits to the house of Parsi family friends at Mumbai Central during the sunny evenings where one could hear the whistle of the pressure cooker and watching kids playing football and cricket in jest as the sunset crept in. What pure moments! It felt like munching Britannia Magic biscuits. The emotions of sitting or standing still, in one’s own company and enjoying every second of life as if the sky is sprinkling its blessings on us. It soothes us and gives a sense of calm to one’s emotions and soul.

We often forget how to live every single moment of life but it comes as no surprise that nature and heaven join forces to remind us that we are seekers who long for happiness far away when it’s right in front of us. The ability to capture emotions is hidden inside us and many mortals find it in writing, photography or imagination but perhaps, emotions only need to be conveyed through senses, eyes expressions and feelings transported in the atmosphere.


I am linking the post to Skywatch Friday and of course, Esha’s blog which is always inspiring and post beautiful Skywatch.





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16 thoughts on “Sky gazing: Flush of emotions and memories

  1. That’s true, even I miss those days when my dad used to tell us tales of mythology or history while we used to enjoy stars in sky in summer nights. That was actually his way of teaching us history and mythology. Under that open sky it was such a fun. Now days we are missing our connection with nature…
    Loved reading it! You took me back to my childhood happy times 🙂

    1. I experienced it since few days. A unique cosmic energy through the sky and clouds that I am experiencing, Meenakshi. It brings back such memories and glad my post could resonate with you!

    1. I agree, it can be a very Karmic connection and experience. It’s off topic but I am reading Smita Patil biography and somehow I feel a very strong connection with her. She was a clairvoyant, something I didn’t know. Every time, I watch or read something about her, it makes me extremely sad. But, there are people like her with healing powers.

      1. A brief Incandescene: Smita Patil by Maithili Rao. One of the best biographies I’ve read that stays with you and you feel conversing with Smita-ji. She is also my favorite and since her death, very few heroines can claim to give this acting range and depth that she gave.

      2. Thanks for suggesting, going to order right now. Yes very true I don’t find anyone equivalent to her. Not only as actress she was an example of good human too…will catch up on this topic with you again after reading her biography. Thanks Vishal!

      3. You are most welcome. She was a very selfless human being and did you know she was good friend with AB, and warned him of hazard on the eve of his Coolie accident. Smita-ji did a lot for women and small children:)

        Do read and let’s have a discussion later about it.

  2. This reminds me of Quiet Life by Alexander Pope. Call it a bane of modern times, we humans have surrounded ourselves with too mant toys to stop and pause for even a second.. Watching clouds is very very distant thing..

    1. Thanks so much Roohi. True, technology and stress has deterred us from taking a pause to enjoy simplicity, beauty and connection between humans and nature. I’ve been doing it since two days and the experience can be very spiritually powerful.

  3. I am so so glad to see you finally do this, Vishal. It’s one thing to say but quite another when you actually indulge in some skywatching and feel the difference it has made to your inner being! I tell people to go out and see nature as it is, and they say, they had a packed day and couldn’t spare even a few minutes to look out of the window at the sky. Wishing you more power as you discover how spiritual sky watching can prove to be! Loved the write-up along with the pics. Happy weekend and happy festive time with friends and loved ones, Vishal.

    1. Thanks Esha. Your comments here means a lot. I saw the reflection in my room facing the lane and I was like, where I’ve been in all those days. The beauty remains to be seen and experienced on what nature give us. Totally priceless. i feel we should stand and gaze at the sky. It’s very spiritual I agree and plan to stand to let the energy flow. Your sky watch feature is always so beautiful. Have a lovely week end and awesome year end. Cheerz

  4. We used to sleep on our balcony during my childhood gazing at the night sky, when the phenomenon called load shedding created a furore in our lives. Loved this soliloquy of yours, Vishal 🙂 Merry Christmas to you in advance!

    1. Like Esha said, it’s something everyone should do. WoW! Your childhood was bliss and just look at this blessing of the night sky watching over you all. Thanks loads Maliny. Merry Xmas to you & loved ones.

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