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What ‘s with you December?!

December! It’s the time the year like I always say but this time, tempted I am to say that it’s not. Why on earth December should fucking look like a yearly summary of things, good, bad, so on  and so forth!  For starters, December 1 fell on a Thursday and I am marking it on the calendar for the floodgate of memory and beauty that wafted in.  It shall remain as a memorable day for I reunited with the sister after a decade, along with her husband who visited from Pune. It was joyous, emotional reunion and what’s not! How much we have grown up in life! Life at the other side of December seems to bring some medical hiccups and worries where it’s taking a toll on the health with intermittent dizziness, light-headedness, and pain in the  body. Change in lifestyle is the need of the hour and how!

I am not complaining for it’s been a good year full of surprises. It started slowly but gathered steam in the later part with professional fulfillment, new challenges, exciting times and yours truly being back to business. I shall skip this boring aspect that me keep repeating at every juncture on the blog.  Yes! I finally met my sister who came for holiday from India with her husband and prior to that, we spoke on WhatsApp where I felt that I wasn’t speaking to a friend from college but a pucca business woman. It felt nice after all these years to speak and connect. Finally, we met and I was like, she is still the same. I look back with fondness over the years in college when she became my Raakhi sister and honestly, I like to refer to her as my sister only. The years where she shouted at me for skipping the exams and yes, for being well read in everything, be it Economic or Politics. I always knew she was meant for bigger things and she did.

So, December 1 was the day we made new memories and the quality time the three of us, R, A (her husband) and me spent together was worth it. That too, in a different country other than India. I became emotional and wondering how time flicks but they left me with priceless gifts, my favorite Bru coffee and Twinkle Khanna’s books, Mrs. Funnybones and The Legend of Laxmi Prasad. Lunch, gup-shup, beer, coffee and lots of fun followed. I enjoyed bonding with her husband whom I met for the first time. It made me happy. Such moments can work wonder on your soul.

It couldn’t be a perfect December start for I was on a roll but I guess, fuck up must happen in life where devils conspire never to let me have it easy. It started last Tuesday when I felt uneasiness in the lower abdomen sitting in the bus while traveling to the coffee shop for a cappuccino shot,  chill, and reading.  Since then, it’s been a week struggling with intermittent dizziness, light-headed, pains in the joints, chest, back, and legs, traveling to the arms. It hit me on Friday when I felt my head empty and my face went numb. I freaked out. Something must be horribly wrong with me after I initially thought there were wrong signals and a doctor friend told me it’s basically gastric problem.

I visited the doctor on Friday who asked me to do the tests in a row, BP, diabetes and ECG for the heart. I was safe for the first two tests with no trace of diabetes in the body with my score on a cool 5.1 and stable BP which sent a rush of optimism that the third one would be positive. It was positive and there is no heart issue, in fact. The only hitch is that there are minor changes in the heart as a result of smoking like a chimney. I was given two injections.

I keep getting the light-headed sensation as if I am on weed and body pains like some shots traveling on lower and upper part. But, there is a genuine effort to cut smoking since the past five days where I have reduced drastically from 15 a day to 6, 4 and today only 2 since the morning. Yesterday night, I tore the cigarette into tiny pieces and threw into the bin. Today, I did the same post lunch, bought a fag and inched it close to the nose before tearing it into tiny pieces. I intend to clean my system from nicotine. I have started to read a book that I bought years back on quitting smoking. I mean, I asked for it since I finished almost a whole pack in a day and this what would ultimately happen with fags taking a toll on my health. Presently, I am surviving on medications throughout the day and resting on the couch between working and writing this post.

Hope for a new beginning with cutting back on smoke and why not quitting altogether. I need to get back in shape with yoga, meditation, and brisk walks to be back at my healthiest best. Looking for your best wishes.






Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

29 thoughts on “What ‘s with you December?!

  1. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling too well…hope hou feel better soon! Cutting (better yet quitting) smoking should help! The reunion with your sis and family sounds like the high point!

    1. Thanks for dropping. I am taking it seriously and reducing my cigarette. It’s been 5 days now. Yes, I am so happy meeting sis and her husband. A memorable day that I shall never forget.

  2. Oh, please quite smoking. I am an ENT surgeon and you wouldn’t believe if I explain in detail about the horrific experiences the patients I encouter every day go through, all because of their addiction history. Truth be told explicitly, smoking is the most disgusting habit one could ever foster. Please work on that line and keep focussing on excercise in the meantime 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Maliny. I have realized how bad it gets and will work towards it. Good thing I’ve been able to cut massively. I just finished 15 minutes of yoga and need to drastically change my life style.

  3. Hey Vishal. Dude, Best Wishes for you to “kick that smoke” out of your life !!
    Dude, I suffered form pulmonary tb and I can’t tell you, how I suffered with my right lung infected. Dude, Value Your Lungs, they are responsible for you Breathing in Oxygen. Don’t fuck it up with that smoke !!

    1. Thanks Cattie for dropping and best wishes is the need of the hour. I keep getting tempted but thankfully, been able to resist te temptation. The warning signs are here. I can understand what you must have gone through and it’s time to value lungs and the health more than anything else. I am working towards it. Thanks for sharing Cattie.

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