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Review of Behind Smiles: What All We Hide

Book Review: Behind Smiles: What we all Hide

Author: Shraddha Singh

Genre: Poetry

Rating: Three and a half stars

Behind smiles: what all we hide by [singh, shraddha]


Author Shraddha Singh’s bouquet of poetry, ‘Behind Smiles: What All We Hide‘ gently touches our senses and emotions through the painting of vivid expressions, right from life, romance to nature and the self. It’s a beautiful composition where Shraddha introduces Rondeau Poetry which is lyrical, simple and effortlessly seep into our imagination. The poetry collection is a short and sweet book but stays in our imagination for a long time.


Life is a journey and it goes on. We’ve crossed many summits , yet many are ahead ! ‘Behind Smiles: What We All Hide’ is a collection of 21 poetries dedicated to and born out of emotions & situations of life. We all have something that we hide behind our smiles. Read these lines by shraddha Singh to connect with your Behind Smiles.

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The different poems weaved are filled with hope and optimism where the tapestry of words  strikes the human soul in a wavering manner. The first poem is a collaboration between Shraddha and Simran Kaur where both speak about scars, fears and seeking smile and love to destroy darkness. It serves as a tribute to Rumi where reference is made to his words. Shraddha weaves the Rondeau Poetry  where she expresses life’s innate emotions, love, and destiny that bears a huge impact. In Broken Wings, emotions and silence come together in a beautiful manner to describe the journey of life where we take things in our stride, good or bad. What a fresh perspective to look at life. It is powerful yet beautifully sensual.

The poetry book has something in store for every lover of poetry and the genre is not limited and, for instance, a tanka is played out like soothing music in the atmosphere to describe, ‘Nostalgia’ that looks at our past with fondness and express the nude lips in real-time. Shraddha echoes the feelings of mortals who need to rewind from time-to-time to pick up strength in the past that defines us. The choice of words flows like a gentle breeze to echo vigor and optimism in a past that never abandoned us and where we seek happiness. The human life is a web of complexity and perhaps, the past is a great healer for the pain embedded in the present.

In ‘Take Away’, the author shows a strong belief in love and its varied emotions which are the drug of life that gives humans a high.

“Take away your drug of love

From my breath and my blood.

It keeps me in your absence

Spoiled me in your presence!!”

The words are sketched effortlessly but it relates to every heart that loved, lost and long for this emotion that keeps the flame burning inside. Personally, I love the poem, “The power is Me” where the author shows the belief and determination to overcome any hurdle to emerging victorious in the face of  storms and blows that one faces from time-to-time. A poem which is unleashed with power that renews optimism and rekindles that self-belief is the biggest human triumph.

Final Words

The poetry collection, ‘Behind Smiles: What we all Hide is a gem that wafts through our aesthetic and literary sense which Shraddha Singh has gently twisted words to motivate souls and touching every aspect of life, be it love,  nostalgia, memory and re-affirms the belief in the power of the self. It’s a must read.

You can check the author’s blog on Shine Shraddha and click on Amazon to get your copy.






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