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Book Review: Sonam Gupta hits you hard on the face

Book Review: I’m Not a Betrayer


“Is it worth the smile on my Dad’s face while I was taking ‘pheras’ around the holy fire and the way he put my palm in Jay’s hands? Was this pain worth having my feet washed in the ritual of religion?”

It has become a household name, Sonam Gupta who entered our lives on social media. But, Sonam Gupta is not just a name but the story of a common woman who faced the ire of a society, patriarchal in nature, pushing her to marry a stranger to fulfill vows and witnessed the massacre of her body every single night.  Isn’t it the story of millions of women across India?

The book, I’m Not a Betrayer packs a punch in narrating the story of Sonam Gupta who echoes untold stories of women whose marriages are fixed and toeing the line in society for the fear of label, suffering in silence. The son or husband is always the innocent one and it’s a big malaise that perpetuates society on the role of women.  After all, isn’t it what women are expected to do? The role playing of bending to the whims of the ‘better half’ whether it’s ‘forced sex’ or  accepting their destiny. Rebelling against rules will make the woman a bad and immoral girl.

The author addresses the issue on how women are treated in our society and male aggression used to shake the confidence of a woman. I’m Not a Betrayer is a short book that will shake your soul and paint a grim reality that most of us prefer to run away from. The violence perpetrated in the name of marriage and society on a woman that never betrayed and longed for love, to live a dignified life should make us stop and reflect. It’s time to say No to violence, be it verbal or physical against women, considered to be inferior to mankind by a sick society

“What about your body used as a means of pleasure for your husband without your permission…Who gave him the right to use your skin as a scrap of paper on which to write his story…Why does a husband become the sole owner of it, with or without your permission?”

It’s a small book but the author has injected emotions and power by efficiently depicting the world of Sonam Gupta on how fear is used to control a woman and it’s the biggest betrayal that takes us back to the dark age where religion is used as a tool for exploitation. I’m not a Betrayer is a book that everyone must read for it sends a subtle message yet powerful on our hypocrite society where voices are muzzled. We have grown up with flawed values on the role of a man and women. A must read for it’s a story of a woman that hits us hard in the face.







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14 thoughts on “Book Review: Sonam Gupta hits you hard on the face

  1. The Book may be Powerful, but your Review is Too Powerful.
    I feel like rushing to the bookstore and getting the book and reading it fully today itself.
    How many poor women must be suffering from physical abuse by their selfish physo husbands. I hope all Women revolt when they are abused.

    I am thankful, I have a husband who never misused me.

    1. It’s such a kind thing to say. It’s 16 pages book that you can order on Kindle. It’s such a sad fact how women sustain so much violence and the worse is when in laws decide for their sons who dutifully obey. Women need to revolt. There are goofd men as well.

  2. Thanks a ton Vishal for praising my story and taking out time to write such a beautiful review. Means a lot to me. 🙂

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