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#WedShadow: Mistakes of my life

I am a man of mistakes. I own them. It’s in my genes to make mistakes and screw up things by always blurting out the wrong things. I have made so much of mistakes and later expressing regret as an immature student or a young professional, the time I was one. As I hark back, I no longer look at them as mistakes but a great learning opportunity but also missed opportunities. Sharing my bucket list of mistakes.

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1. I was once rude to a friend and college love interest by shutting myself to her, refusing to scribble something in her scrapbook. I regretted it so much that it gnawed me for nine years. In the start of the year, I apologized to her on Facebook and we chatted for a while. She was sweet saying, “Always be nice to me.” I was relieved.

2. On the flip side, it’s a good thing to make mistakes and the irony is that we are so scared to blunder thinking that it will backfire and we never take the risks to grow be it at work or asking someone out. The worse is that we will be turned down or learn from it. I must be more adventurous. Risks taking can be empowering and make us grow as humans.

3.  It is one thing to make mistake and another one to accept them. Accepting our mistakes never make us small but we can learn from it. As an editor at work, I made several blunders but always owned up because I was keen to learn and not let negativity dampen my spirit.

4.  Earlier, I was not ready to accept my ‘mistake’ which happened three years back. After I quit the job, I was languishing and comparing my life to how good things was earlier. It was a life of regret. But, a huge mistake. Never compare your present no matter how bad it is to the glorious past. No matter what you do, things will not be rosy in pretty much the same fashion. Charter new path and create new memories. I am in a better position and exciting times now for I made effort  not to compare my present with my past. Keep them as memories but embrace the future.

5.  I am human and not flawless. It took me a long time to realize it’s ok to fail, to be disappointed, rejected or knocked down. Life is no competition or race against time. My mistakes showed me a precious insight and life lesson: Compete with yourself. Try to improve every second and raise the bar so high that at times you will fall behind but it will push you to exceed yourself. It’s not about putting someone down for it is never growth in the first place.


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20 thoughts on “#WedShadow: Mistakes of my life

  1. I am scared of making mistakes myself too. I guess, everybody am. But as you said, learning from mistakes only makes one stronger. I try hard to teach myself this lesson, every time I am saddened after a bad incident.
    Thought-provoking post, Vishal

    1. Thanks Malini. I try to learn from them now rather than cursing the self. I am still scared to make them which is detrimental to my growth. Don’t be sad. We are humans and it’s normal to fail at times.

    1. It is Scorpria. We learn a lot and become stronger and humbler, of course. At some point, I became arrogant and it brought me down, rooted:) A reminder to follow your dreams and start living, something we always forget.

  2. This is such a wise post, Vishal. I especially loved this thought, ‘It is one thing to make mistake and another one to accept them.’
    Even I used to have trouble accepting mine, but since i have started doing so, life has surely become better:)

  3. Great quote! I agree that you shouldn’t compare yourself in past situations to how you are now. I need to remember that! No one is perfect and everything that happens in our life we learn from.

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