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#IAMPINK: Walking out of an abusive marriage


It’s been a while before the last PINK post where women speak about their PINK moment where they choose to hit back. Probably, the last person #IAMPINK. PINK is not just a movie but a movement for change that left such a mark on us as human beings. I am glad to share the story of Sneha Sasi Kumar who wrote how she chooses to walk out of an abusive marriage and standing tall for her values. It’s her #IAMPINK moment.Sneha is a fantastic writer and follow her blog at LIFE AS A POTPURRI!!!


#IAMPINK: Walking out of an abusive marriage

By Sneha Sasi Kumar


I choose to walk out of an abusive marriage within 12 days of tying the knot. I refused not to be seen as a person but as a milch cow who earns money and is available for sex at night to the whim and fancy of a man.

I choose to walk out of a marriage whose foundation and ideology are all about selling a son, a commodity on the market to extract money through dowry and where there is no respect for the girl and her family.

It was my decision to walk out of a marriage when the religion of the guy’s parents matters the most and more than the girl herself.  I belong to a family where my Dad is Hindu and Mom is a Muslim which caused a lot of friction despite the fact that the ex-husband and family were aware of it. I choose to walk out of a world where you cannot breathe free.

There were many who told me that I was treading a wrong path because I am too much career-oriented and been living on my own since I was 18. But, sometimes, you don’t need many years to realize what is right and what’s wrong.

I am happy and feel blessed that I have a family who supported me in this fight for my beliefs and values. Happy that I earn well and can fend for myself as an independent woman.  Grateful of the unflinching support that I received not just from my family but also from friends who take care of me. It gives me immense satisfaction that one day I choose to walk out of a marriage that was robbing me of my identity as a person and I have no regret about it. I am at peace with myself. There can’t be greater and bigger happiness than that.



Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

17 thoughts on “#IAMPINK: Walking out of an abusive marriage

  1. I haven’t watched PINK. I know that is so unaccepted!! After reading this I have to watch the movie soon.
    Hats off to Sneha for taking a stand and doing the best for herself.

  2. Thanks for the post Vishal… I knew I didn’t get time to write in detail but this is just perfect. Thanks a bunch for this initiative to so many woman out there. I would have never written about it but this post has given me so much courage to be even more loud cause I know am not wrong.

    A small help do you mind tagging my blog to my name in the start would be really appreciative

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