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Crackpot me

It’s the time of the year. Gentle breeze wafts in the atmosphere and dash of laziness percolate in the surrounding. It’s the festive season! One doesn’t feel like doing anything nor there is mad dash to overcome hurdles and complete tasks.  The perk of working from home. I can’t tell how much I am loving this phase in life where you do things at ease, figuring out meetings, sending e-mails to clients and working out interviews online.

The day starts in the weekdays tracking financial news as a consultant across the region and the globe, working on story ideas since I am part of a new web venture and reading stuffs online, phone calls and email follow-ups for interviews doing the chasing. Finally, I am back on a reading spree where I spend the afternoon doing that, ranging from kindle to hard copy. I finished Priyanka Lal’s Rose Bush on kindle which is quite a lengthy read, almost done with Preeti Shenoy’s  ‘Why We Love The Way We Do’, which is a mature take on relationships and a must read. I am currently reading Chetan Bhagat’s One Indian Girl which is quite disappointing in relation to his earlier books filled with dose of entertainment. There are so much to read and shall jump straight on Amitav Ghosh’s, The Hungry Tide.

The ghost of lazy writer has suddenly seeped inside my soul. Diwali came and flickered in the moment, where I went on a sweet rampage and indulging in colorful lamps. It’s been after ages that lights showered its blessing on my life and enjoyed every moment this festival of light. My date with sweets continued. A wedding in the family followed where I stayed put for 2 days before getting back home. I fucking hate attending weddings. It’s the most boring thing one is compelled to do what with guests in full swing, swarming in expensive clothes, decking up and wearing expensive attire. It cropped into my mind that the day I tie the knot, I will go very sober with minimum expenses and a simple ceremony at home and throwing a cocktail  for guests. No minimum extravaganza for me. I have never believed in staying put for days for something like a wedding.

I am quite forgetful these days. Trust me, I am turning into a crackpot of sort and if I don’t jot something in the diary, it eludes my mind. It can be anything, be it, buying something as mundane as shoe laces, calling someone,sketching ideas or sending an e-mail. I forget very small things ranging from putting sugar in coffee to forgetting to buy minor groceries or things I am asked to do at home. Guess, the grey streak in the hair is for something.

Finally, the Rakhi sister will come for holiday with husband and son. Looking forward to meeting her after 8 years and it harkens back to college days, fun times and chiding me for not taking the second year exams. How time flies! I am quite excited to do that. Come January next, I shall be going to India for a short trip ranging between 10 and 15 days for the best friend who is now settled in Australia and is coming back to Mumbai to get married. Happy reunion! Wait! Did I say wedding? Look who is talking. Yes! Any excuse is good to meet the bestie and his marriage serves me good to revisit the city of love & longing Amchi Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and why not hopping to Delhi, to reconnect with friends. Shopping is on my mind. I always shop in India for my stuff that stays for three years at most. India is the life that I sorely miss like anything. It’s where I find myself and my life lies. Exciting times ahead!

Did I tell you that I temporarily deactivated the Facebook account looking for serenity, far away from the mad online world? It’s a yearly exercise that I do and social media can get to your brain whirring in  a particular direction. It can be quite time-consuming. I shall be back on FB post the new year, I’ve been thinking. I am feeling very light, peaceful and serene, being cut off from the world of likes, sharing and commenting.  I am also planning to get myself an i-phone this season and my HTC smart phone is still going strong for four years which is a kinda record with me.

It couldn’t be a better way to kickstart blogging post the UBC challenge that I took the last month. It’s quite  a lame post but good enough to be back in shape with words on blog.








Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

17 thoughts on “Crackpot me

  1. You are right, the “Lazy writer” sometimes creeps into us.
    As you said there is so much fun in shopping in India and attending weddings in India.
    Today I read this post of Yahoo of an extravagant wedding. Sheesh !! the waste of money !!
    Have a look.

    1. It does. I’ve been quite lazy and glad this lame post worked out. I normally abhor weddings but it’s an excuse for the college bestie and of course, India!!!! I love shopping in India and you won’t believe, already made a list of stuffs to buy. I am dead against this whole idea of extravagant wedding and even simple one for that matter. Mine would be very low key. So much waste of money.

      1. The problem is my Facebook blog page is attached to my personal Facebook. If I deactivate the personal Facebook, then my Facebook Page for the blog is also deactivated 😦 I still have to figure out how to separate these two and it looks it is bit confusing at this moment..

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