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Khushi wali Diwali pictures


Tyohar ka Mauka! Koi bhi bahana chalega. A Diwali sparkled with khushiyon (Happiness) like the quivering tune of the angel whispering the song of life in my ears and flowing in my soul. It’s been an endearing Diwali splashing on colorful lamps, Mithai and candles. Diwali is the time to make new promises and rekindle hope, love and warm the heart with sweetness. The time ushered in to make all disappointment and defeat disappear in the desert.

There were a couple of years where I didn’t feel like celebrating Diwali because I was going through a rough patch which persisted but so far, 2016 has been good to me and looking forward to a brilliant year unfolding post lighting the lamp in my heart, spreading cheers in my surrounding. I am a great believer in vibes and spreading the love. I feel like a new-born, being treated with the festival of light showering its love and blessings on me after ages. I relished each and every moment of lightning piercing my heart. Sharing with you all few of my Diwali clicks on Kodak.

Diwali lamps
Diwali lamps

Being colorful is me. This time, I splurged and emptied my pockets on the colorful lamps, in all colors and a pack with Ganesha beautifully sculpted, and Mithai bags that caught my fancy. Isn’t it beautiful?


I love the earthen lamps and nothing beats the joy of lighting them which rings in happiness in loads.


The Mithai laid on the thali on the table in the living room and my colorful candles. Bought lots of Mithai and the ones prepared by Mom.


I believe in being colorful in the dark night with my best Kurtas which I got six years back. Can you believe that? It’s as new as the first time I wore them.



Who says there is darkness? It’s Diwali! The picture was taken by my neighbor who has a good eye for photography unlike me who lack the basic. The light in the nightfall fascinates me and how! It’s like our hearts where the earthen lamp lights up everything.


Yours truly lighting the lamps and candles, surrounded by the mouth-watering sweets to spread love all around.


My favorite colorful lamps standing tall outside and flames igniting our hearts never to quench the passion of life.


The favorite candles and lamps snuggled together to make it an earthen affair, spreading light all over the place.



Mom is so reluctant to pose for the shutterbug and lots of convincing goes around. But, it’s Diwali ka Tyohar and Mom wilfully posed.

Hope you people had a lovely Diwali and sharing love, vibes to make your year filled with Dhamaka. Share your Diwali moments.




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8 thoughts on “Khushi wali Diwali pictures

    1. It was lovely Diwali celebrations and felt so much happiness after a long time with shopping kart for shoes, shoes and shirt:) Yes, been a good one. So true and glad you liked the pictures:)

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