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UBC 31: Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (7)

This post is written on Day 31 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge that I am doing in October for The Blog Chatter. I was running late and finally, I finished. It’s a romance series and today is the climax  and last outing of Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (7): 100 crores Diwali love

UBC 31: 100 Crores Diwali Love

Dusk has crept in. The silver doorknob twisted and slid open as she walked in tired and disappointed. Ayesha plonked on the couch to rest her head and was sipping a glass of ice cold water when she felt a shadow straggling behind her. A sharp object almost nipped her back which caused her to yelp in pain.

A scruffy voice pierced in her ears, “Get up and move or else this knife will enter your skin.” Ayesha almost fainted and felt a lump in her throat to wiggle her way blindfolded on the stairs. The voice softened, “You can slowly open your eyes now.”

Ayesha turned around in fear and felt no pressure on her, threw away the red band to see that her assailant had disappeared. She felt a chill down her spine. The stairs spangled with colors and lights traversing on every step, earthen lamps, candles lit on every step.  She blighted, trusted her gut feeling that Gigoloskore will surprise her on Diwali. As she flitted her steps, black-and-white pictures capturing her movements during the chase for love at Marine Drive, Archies Gallery, Churchgate Station, holding the teddy bear close to her chest and swirling her way on the streets of Mumbai, were carefully placed in red envelopes splayed on the floor, wall and table.

She knew it was him. It had to be her Gigoloskore. Her heart beat faster for she couldn’t wait to meet the man who made her lose her sleep and making her fall madly in love with him. Her voice cracked, “I know it’s you. Come man. My lips are ready to taste the nectar of passion.”

“Please, yaar! In ten minutes, it’s gonna be six. It’s Diwali yaar,” she implored him. Someone held her waist from behind and she felt a jolt on seeing him. Ayesha couldn’t believe her eyes. “You swine! I am going to kill you for making me do that. I had an inkling that it was you. You made me ran. You almost kidnapped me in my own house. You are so cute. Worth na doing the chase like 100 crores romance. Their lips met and melted, tasting the nectar, roiling passion, exploring every inch, line, and zone in their mouths.

“I promised to you. We will light the lamps together,” he said. He wore a bright blue Kurta on white pyjama. She sizzled in a cream saree.  He caressed her hand as she lit the lick in the colorful earthen lamps, candles, tasting the sweets one by one, gulab jamun, ladoo, barfi, Kaaju Katli, and chocolates.

Ayesha broke a piece in each and every sweet splattered in a huge gold plated thali and pushed into his mouth. He unwrapped the box of Cadburi chocolate and smeared on her lip as she bit his finger. “Ouch!” he complained.  She was amused and laughed, “So much for making me lose my sleep. I told you are a dog. You think I am Basanti or what with your hero giri.”

“You are my Pathaka, my Lakshmi. I will never ever let you go,” he spoke softly. The glitter in her eyes spoke the language of eternal love with passion. Crackers flung in the air. She scampered down the stairs to see small children running to burst crackers and grown-ups wishing each other Happy Diwali in jest.

He gently held her hand as they trudged back to the apartment. Their lips melted again, singing Happy Diwali in pure Hindi film style. He untied the string in Ayesha’s saree kissing her nape and bareback. She bit into the barfi, held between her teeth which reached his dry lip. “It’s the best ever Diwali in my life. Our love is eternal like the sweet,” she breathed.

“And, the light will always shine on us, my Rosho gullah,” he winked.

Ayesha lilted, “What should I call you?” Who will kiss and make love to me every five seconds or five minutes, Gautam or Gigoloskore?

He simpered, “I am at your service day and night, you Highness…Gautam or Gogoloskore.”

The light went off.

The end

Happy Diwali





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