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UBC 30: Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (6): Chasing Love


This post is written as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and The Blog Chatter on Day 30. I am writing short stories for the entire challenge in October and doing a romance series, Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (6): Chasing Love.


It was a sunny morning in Mumbai that Ayesha woke up to. She scampered her way inside the black-and-yellow cab, urged the driver to drive aimlessly and to wander on the busy streets. The vehicles ambled slowly in a day where the traffic stood standstill. Finally, the car whooshed past the crowd swarming to the shops to buy new clothes, sweets and decorations for Diwali. It was painful to sit in the car and wait in anticipation.

She was restless. Where to go and how to find him, Ayesha wondered. The stress was too much to handle and felt that her heart could explode anytime. She couldn’t take it anymore. Finally, she got off the car and started running like a mad woman on the streets, shoving past people and sweating profusely.

“What a fucked up, game? As if I am some runaway bride?” she bellowed. Her phone beeped, “Clue Number One. You are close yet very far. Cards, mushy balloons, fancy pens and train.”

She hollered, “Gosh! Crazy man. I gonna find him.” Ayesha stopped in her track and beamed, “Wait, baby…It means that I am right now in Churchgate and train, means station.” She sprinted for her life, chucked out her breathlessness, stormed inside the station, ran down and up the stairs to wriggle her way out, facing Eros cinema.

Her phone rang, “My baby, you are an inch closer to me.” Ayesha lashed out at him, “What man? Cut the crap. It’s Diwali today. You think I am some mad woman who don’t have anything else to do or what? Am I Mother Theresa?  Wait! Hope you not thinking that I am Jai and Veeru rolled into one and you are Thakur who has assigned me to get Gabbar Singh in Ramgarh.”

He laughed on the phone, “Just follow the clue.”

Something struck in Ayesha’s head. She was standing in front of Archies Gallery…yea! Fancy pens.  Cards. Soft toys. She trawled her way inside, admiring the mushy love quotes and soft toys when her name, ‘Ayesha’ was shouted like a lullaby inside her ear.  She turned around and saw a man, walking with paper stuck on his white tee, with her name scribbled in bold letters, ‘Hi Ayesha’ with tiny dots of shaped hearts. She ran behind him and scrapped the paper that almost tore the tee.

“You are my teddy bear. Turn to the shelf,” the message read. Ayesha turned around to see a huge teddy bear slouched among many soft toys and a message written behind, ‘Go back to the Station.’ She turned around but the mysterious man has already disappeared. She clutched the teddy bear close to her chest and leaped on her feet, a car almost hitting her which made the driver mouthed expletives in Hindi.  She brandished her middle finger towards him.

Ayesha was unfazed about the world and sprinted her way, doing a Kajol in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, holding the teddy bear close to her heart. There was a huge commotion with the crowd pushing their way in a chaotic manner and a huge poster displayed on the train stationed on platform No. 1, “A for Ayesha. Come inside.”

She turned her head and upped the gaze to see balloons hanged on the train’s roof with her name splashed all over, Ayesha.”

A Hindi romantic song was suddenly played at full volume. The female announcer called out her name, “Ayesha! You are as beautiful as your name. They don’t make such men anymore. How I wish someone would love me as much as he loves you!  Clue. ‘Romance by the sea’. Run girl run. You have 40 seconds to meet him.”

There was a huge crowd on Marine Drive, exploding crackers and fireworks zooming up in the air to hit the sky and scribbling Happy Diwali. Beautiful lamps were wrapped in colorful muslin papers and placed within inch on the promenade and jutting till the end to make a replica of the Queen’s necklace on the ground.

She sat on the boulder admiring the light decorations on the trees and buildings, in myriad colors and her heart almost melted at what she just saw. Her peachy eyes turned moist. Her voice quavered. Six Muslin papers which adorned the earth lamps sparkled with letters, A Y E S H A. It was her name. The fireworks thrust towards the sky to form white, red, wispy strands, ‘Happy Diwali. I love you, Ayesha. Your Gigoloskore.”

Ayesha picked up the phone, “Dude! I know you are here. OMG! It’s so romantic and awesome. Now, reveal yourself. It will be six pm in another hour and I need to go home in time to light the lamps and candles.”

“Patience, my love. Patience. We will light the lamps together,” he whispered.

“What the fuck dude? I am going home,” Ayesha slammed the phone.

She walked away and hailed a cab to her home at Nepean Sea Road, battling emotions and unsure  whether it’s happiness or sadness. Will she ever see him?! She mused. She sat like a statue at the back and closed her eyes.

To be continued…

PS: I am lagging by one post in the UBC Challenge. Wait for the final outing.





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4 thoughts on “UBC 30: Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (6): Chasing Love

    1. Hi Reema, thanks for dropping. I am running late with the challenge and tomorrow is the last outing. Stay tune. I am glad you loved the treasure hunt and how he made her feel special.

  1. Your story teller skills comes out in this story Vishal:-) I loved the atmosphere in that story, and believe the people in it and their story- very cute, and exiting too… Hope they will live happily ever after:-) 🙂

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