Shining light, shining Diwali


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Flickered oil lamps.

Colorful hues.

Smiling faces.

Sound of bells,

candles lighting up hopes and dreams.

Aspirations kept alive like the flames, lighting up lives.

Dazzling lights.

It’s celebration time.

Make a child happy.

The candle of life burning eternally.

A wish, a prayer.

Is it too much to ask?

Spread love, generosity, and happiness for every soul.

Beauty echoing in all directions.

Shimmer of gold,

shining faces,

adorned in new attires.

Keep loving forever.

It’s a new day.

The past disappears in the distance.

Make new promises.

Love, tolerance and unity.

Discard prejudices.

Light up each other’s path.

Uplift the poor and downtrodden.

Shower them with the gift of love and education.

Remove human prejudices.

Prayers to our soldiers,

protecting our border.

Jeeyo jee bhar ke.

Khushiyan kya thyohar

Happy Diwali









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