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Whipping A Sip of Love & Coffee: Just You, Me and Ganga Bharani’s secret


Interview with Ganga Bharani
It’s Diwali bumper this UBC Challenge and The Blog Chatter as I host Ganga Bharani, author of Just You, Me And a Secret,  A Minute to Death and A sip of Love & A Sip of Coffee.

Chennai-based Ganga is one author who is passionate about stories and spreading the love of writing that she wove two amazing books on Creative Writing Plots giving cues to newbie authors. Ganga is full swing into creative as her life revolves around storytelling, film-making, and blogging. A simple girl with complicated dreams, this engineer speaks about her first love, stories, short films and plagiarism which she faced. Best Urban Chennai Blogger and Woman of Substance by respected brands such as Godrej and Blog Adda, Ganga is grounded and charms you with her humility and I am sure she will make you her fan.

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Ganga Bharani

You can visit Ganga’s website here to check her books and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and her website here. You can check her blog here.

  1. How does it feel when one of your short stories was selected to be made into a short film and weaving best-selling romance stories after initial rejection? Sweet victory, isn’t it?

 It was so accidental that I was shocked more than being surprised. It’s almost like the scan said it will be a baby boy but you deliver a baby girl. When I was aspiring to become an author, a team approached me to make a short film based on my story. I was glad they liked my story so much. I was so excited to see my name rolling under the “Story” tag on the big screen. But, unfortunately, the team missed to add my name in the end credits on screen. I was so disappointed and felt cheated. They later apologized saying they missed it by mistake. But, never again, did I get to see my name on the big screen. Now that I am writing a script for a feature film, I am excited again after 5 years for the same.

Rejection is a part and parcel of everyone’s life. We get rejected multiple times every single day for one thing or the other. So, if we start giving importance to rejections life will become miserable. I love failures. The deeper you go while you fail the happier you feel when you reach the top.

2. Your book, Just Me, You and a Secret was all about memory loss but at the same time, a fast paced read treating issues that many young people face. How do you look back and remember writing the book or was there something you would have done differently?

 This story came to me as a sweet surprise, like a gift from God. I am so emotionally bound to this story as it was the first story that sowed the seed of becoming a writer in me.

I wrote this book as a blog series, initially. I did one or two chapters a day and completed the initial version in just 15 days. But, I took one year to rewrite it into a full length novel. Though the book had reached a lot of people now and been on the best seller chart several times, I love the first version. The short and fast paced version of this book is the best I have written so far.

3. You are also a filmmaker where your shorties won Best Film and Special Mention Awards in International Film Festivals. Is mainstream cinema the next big step for you?

 I will always want to be a storyteller, be it through books, movie writing or filmmaking. But filmmaking is not just about storytelling, isn’t it? It involves a lot of people management, networking and socializing. I am a very socially awkward and lazy person.

4. You also wrote acclaimed books such as A Minute to Death and A sip of Love & A Sip of Coffee. Share with us what both of the books, which tap the pulse of the Indian youth, are all about?

A Minute to death is a crime thriller with an undercurrent of romance. It’s about a girl who is a writer and her cop boyfriend who try to solve a murder/suicide mystery.

A Sip of love and a sip of coffee is a high school romance plot. It takes the 80s and the 90s kids back to their school days where there were no mobile phone, landline calls, first love and first crush.

5. You have also released on the market Kindle books on writing plots to wannabe authors where diverse prompts are given to take stories forward. How did you arrive at the idea of writing plots and what has been the response?

Every single hour, a story crosses my mind. Obviously, I can’t write them all. I started documenting a few of the ideas that came to me. When I understood that some amazing writers don’t write because they don’t have a story I thought this would help them a lot.

6. In the past, you were also a victim of plagiarism where your work was stolen and written in a similar fashion by a famous author. How to deal with plagiarism where hard work is stolen and how do you think authors can protect their works?

Over a period of time, I have realized that we can never escape being a victim of plagiarism. The only way to deal with it is to move on, write better and weave your best ever written story so that any other replication sounds dull and lifeless because you know your story is the best anyway.





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  1. This was quite an interesting interview, Vishal. You nailed it with the right questions. Ganga comes across as an inspiration to many of us who face rejections time and again.

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