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UBC 28: Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (5): Tomato and Lemon


This post is written for UBC and The Blog Chatter where I am blogging for 31 days in October writing fiction doing the series Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (5):  Tomato and Lemon on Day 28.

Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (4):  Tomato and Lemon

The ambiance in the Punjabi restaurant in Andheri was cozy as Gautam and Ayesha admired the blue coated paint sitting by the candle in the darkly lit place. There were wooden decorations that gave a sense of sitting in a forest. Soft music played in the background that enticed romance but would turn out to be a tragic one.

The smoky chicken was placed on the table with huge slices of tomatoes which Ayesha admired with a twinkle in her eyes. She ordered Gautam, “Have the tomato first. You may feel that I am a tomato squeezed and crushed.” Ayesha was fumbling with the spoon and didn’t know how to announce the break up to Gautam.

Gautam was clueless about Ayesha pretending to be squeezed tomato. “You are lemon and I am tomato. Drink the lemon juice sprinkled with salt,” she shot in the dark. Ayesha knew that her words didn’t make any sense to Gautam.

The demon caught hold of her and she felt like Jinns inside her head, words assaulting her ear that would haunt her till death. She fiddled with her phone. Ayesha quavered, “I am breaking up with you. It is not happening. I love Gigoloskore and he’s not a condom. He is human. Lemon and Tomato are a bad mix. We grind them together and the result is horrible. We will get stomach upset.”

Gautam was bewildered, almost sure that Ayesha has lost her mental sanity.

“Are you on drugs, ganja, hashish or cocaine? ” he asked.

“No! I am breaking up with you. I love someone else. He is the one. He is love. The love of my life,” she blabbered.

The word break up landed on the head of Gautam like a war missile. It’s the eve of Diwali. He fought with the whole world on Facebook, insisting on banning crackers but this one was a real cracker on his destiny. Maybe a Chinese one! Ayesha words fell like water bugs on his head and he felt like a fish swimming in mud. She took the chance and said, ‘Ok! Bye and sorry for hurting you and thanks for the tomato that I ate from your plate. Foot the bill’. She rushed out pecking his lip. He felt assaulted.

She furiously dialed Gigoloskore’s number and almost banged the phone that kept ringing without an answer. She redialed the number. Finally! He picked up. She shouted, “Where were you? Listen! I just broke up with him. I need to meet you now. Or else, I will stage a drama in a public place and tell everyone I am pregnant with your child.”

He acted smart, “What the fuck?”

Ayesha harrumphed, “I made up my mind. It’s you, the love of my life. Don’t dare run away. I will find you. If you try to be an asshole, I will put a message on Tinder, exposing you for giving pleasure to older women and making me pregnant. I will call the cops and go to journalists.”

After all, he had no choice and muttered, “Chill! Cool! It’s Diwali tomorrow. I will wait for you at Archies Gallery but you will need to identify me. Let’s play a game.”




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