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UBC 27: Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (4)

This post is written for UBC and The Blog Chatter where I am blogging for 31 days in October writing fiction doing the series Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (4):  Love vs Love   on Day 27.

Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting (4):  Love Express  


Their head bobbed as they huddled together on the sofa sitting on the balcony. Gautam nuzzled her face and lip with chocolate, smeared all over Ayesha’s soft skin. He held her by the waist and asked, “Ayesha, what will happen tomorrow if we decide to call it quit?”

Ayesha made a sad face, “Nahin! Nahin! Mere Swami, don’t leave me like that or else I’ll become a devdasi.” He was taken aback by her expression, thinking that she was really upset with him. Her face lit up, “Oh! Really! You wanna leave me for greener and hotter pasture. Obvio, stupid, we don’t plan to stay together forever. We will kiss, hug, part ways and dance to the breakup song. I’ll go on a date with Sanskari Babu Alok Nath.” He gawked at her with his mouth wide open.

“You know what? You are a psycho chick and it’s why I am fida all over you?” he susurrated into her ears. He stole a kiss as he frothed his lip into hers and the swirling tongues licked the melted chocolate inside their mouths.

Ayesha faked anger, “Stand up.”

He was taken aback, “Hey chill. What’s wrong?”

She was adamant, “I asked you to stand up. It’s plain English. What were you thinking before knocking furiously on my door? You came uninvited without calling?”

He stammered, “Come on, yaar. I thought that I’d scare you a bit. Or, someone must have given you a blank call and when I knocked, you became shit scared that a creepy creature landed in front of your door.”

Ayesha flustered and feared doubts Gautam may have about her phony romance with Gigoloskore. She had no choice but to lighten up the mood.

She forced herself to laugh loudly and playfully kicked Gautam in his stomach, “Look who is scared now. No! I knew that it was your ghost.” He felt foolish to turn red after Ayesha faked anger.

A plane roared above the balcony which pushed Ayesha who shrieked into Gautam’s arms. He caressed her bare skin and whispered, “My baby is scared.” Their faces were close to each other, kissing and bodies clutched in a tight embrace.

“You know Gautam,” Ayesha said. “I am serious. It’s not love between us.” Gautam countered her, “What’s wrong with love. It doesn’t make us weak. We complement each other. I am totally into you and will do nothing to hurt you. Sometimes, we need to give love a chance.”

Ayesha knew her mind too well and said, “I chose not to let love control my feelings, space, and universe. As humans, how infallible we are at the mere mention of love. How we let love impersonate the feeling of love!”

Ayesha closed her eyes and knew she had to battle her insecurities. After all, Gigoloskore must have a name beyond chat rooms. She now knew what she wanted. It was not Gautam but Gigoloskore. The moment Gautam started kissing her, she imagined it was Gigoloskore. It felt so real. She knew that she had to act super fast.  She was done with this game of being unsure of her feelings.  It takes a second to fall in love.





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