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UBC 25: Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting: Confused Heart

This post written on Day 25 is the second part of the romance series, Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting: Confused Heart  for Ultimate Blog Challenge and The Blog Chatter.


Crazy Romance, Cuddling Hearts and Harmless Flirting: Confused Heart (2):

The station was filled with the familiar crowd going berserk to hop on the local at Bandra station. A feminine voice spoke in chaste Hindi, Marathi, and English where people wriggled their way in and out of trains, hither and yon outside, stepping out in the sweltering heat.

Cart load of Dhaba was ushered out as the lugubrious, tiny fellow pushed the load with all its might, expertly avoiding the crowd that ran amok. Raggle-taggle urchins walked and run around the stairs, doing somersault inside the station, the skinny fellow slouched atop the bundle of newspaper, magazines, and books at the stalls like a King on the throne and bedazzled by the crowd of beautifully curvy women.

The oil on the huge vessels turned black by the motley flame and made rasp noise as Pakodas and fritters are fried inside. Hungry commuters devoured mouthful of ragda pattice as if there’d be no tomorrow.

Ayesha tootled her way inside the station, wearing a white Kurti, fanciful and tight blue skirt till the ankle, her neck and wrist decorated with multiple bangles, disheveled hair like a true Hippie. She was too busy in her world to notice the stranger eyeing and following her steps.  She kept wandering aimlessly when a man scampered behind her, following her moves and hiding behind the locals and stairs as she stopped at the stall.

Something unusual struck her about the smart and charming man with boyish charm who could easily have passed as a chocolate hero on-screen. She turned around and he gawked at her as if he saw an alien who descended on earth. “Hey,” she chirped. “Following a hippie and nomad woman, Mr handsome?”

She winked at him, “You are sweating? Am I someone you know! Stop hiding your soul and come in the open. Game for a cup of tea? Chalo.” He followed her silently like an obedient child as they waded past the crowd outside the station.


Ayesha has forgotten the book she was writing, confused between Gigoloskore constant blabber on phone and the stalker who has now turned friend, lover, and intimate partner. Ayesha is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. After all, whom to love?, her heart bellowed.

Gautam held her in his arms, caressing and stroking her features. Ayesha was distracted and found it hard to buckle her mind that hovered on gigoloskore.  She suddenly asked Gautam, “You never told me your age?”

He was amused, “Kyon, shaadi karni hai (Why you want to get married?”

She windmilled, “All guys are the same?”

“You mean all the guys you dated are of the same age,” he flirted.

“Nah! I am not speaking of size,” she mocked.

Her phone buzzed and she swiftly moved away from Gautam. The name that flashed on the screen sent the adrenaline rush inside her body. She lied, “My uncle. I need to go.”

He clutched her hand tightly and she almost pleaded, “Please, let me go.” Slowly, he released her arms, hands and fingers to let her off, “Jaa Simran, Jaa (Go Simran Go). Uncle calling.” As she ran and scampered, Gautam eyes furtively followed her with a wicked smile.







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