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UBC 24: Crazy Romance, cuddling hearts and harmless flirting

I am back with romance. This new post, ‘Crazy Romance, cuddling hearts and harmless flirting’ starting tonight is a series of romance stories written as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for The Daily Chatter on Day 24.

UBC 24: ‘Crazy Romance, cuddling hearts and harmless flirting’ (Part One)

Ayesha hit the keyboard in frustration and her voice grew shrill, argh! No, it ain’t happening. It’s writer’s block. She felt divvy. Sunset has crept. Her stormy brain hit the waves crashing at the back of her mind. The rom-com that she is writing is stuck like the old gramophone. It’s time to un-spool the ideas and roll things out.

Perhaps, mindless distractions would do, she reasoned.  The draft was jettisoned away. Ayesha googled randomly…Facebook, Ok Cupid, Twitter, Truly Madly, OK Cupid, Desi Crush, Badoo and OK Cupid flashing open on the laptop screen. Facebook! It’s so drab like Chinese Diwali crackers! Not! Twitter! 140 words bird…Kabutar Jaa! Scrap! Truly Madly! Not OK Cupid! Desi Crush…I hate No Man’s Land! The whole world of Tinder hitting everything that moves! Badoo! Cool coz imma Bad Girl.

The names that lit up her screen were quite intriguing and despo for some scene…Ladiescoupe, he-manforstarvedkudi, readingyourlip, gigoloskore. She wondered, ‘Many would make good condom ads on Badoobam’. In a span of seconds, she was amazed at the dozens messages that wanna swoon her for hire as if she was some runaway bride from her own wedding. Wanna do bingee jumping with you, I shall take you to the moon, I steal hearts!

So musty and schtick, she wanna rant and insult. Hey, that’s one interesting dude for timepass, gigoloskore.

GIGOLOSKORE: Hey mystic girl! I love weed  and a hermit.


GIGOLOSKORE: I stay in your heart. Wanna try me out? M hot as hell

MYSTIC Girl: Suffocated. Are you Lord Indra, burning in fire. I prefer water. It’s heat not hot. Check the temperature


MYSTIC Girl: haha You mean Katrina Kaif. The cat is outta the bag

GIGOLOSKORE:  You are Cinderella! I am Knight in Shining Armor

MYSTIC Girl: Night is boring. I am a daytime binge drinker

GIGOLOSKORE: You like beer. I thought you like water.

MYSTIC Girl: THOT! You Scattindergun!

GIGOLOSKORE: You into rocket science? I am a keen student. Teach me the basics. Imma good student

MYSTIC GIRL: Are you a condom brand?

GIGOLOSKORE: I am a one woman gigolo. Spiderman.

MYSTIC GIRL: I am Bandit Queen


GIGOLOSKORE: I am an astrologer. Gimme your number? I shall tell your stars!

MYSTIC GIRL: Despo! I am running away.

GIGOLOSKORE: Chura ke daman kyon jaa rahi ho?

MYSTIC Girl: I am just tying my Pallu. Not Churao Daman.

Ayesha was playing Catch Me if You Can. How about playing hard to get, she smirked triumphantly. Gigoloskore is not typing. Maybe, his one-liners have gone for a toss or it’s a story dead in the embryo. Am I mean na? she laughed.

Pop! The message burst through the screen and she almost leaped with joy. “He’s quite an interesting dude,” she guffawed.

“Take me for hire. Day and Night service in Mumbai. Your light is on!”

MYSTIC Girl: Are you a terrorist?

GIGOLO SKORE: I am Manjhi-The Mountain Man

MYSTIC GIRL: haha!!! 982265****



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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