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UBC 23: Moonlight strike (3)


This post, ‘Moonlight Strike is the third and final part of the love story between a ghost and human, written as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and Blog Chatter in October. I am writing short stories for 31 days.

Read Part 1, The Ouija Girl, Part 2, Ghostly Girl at Translucent Night.

UBC 23: Moonlight Strike (Part Three)

They stood alone in the huge forests where the moon, skies, stars merged in the dark lingering night. Screechy noises and mewl slowly waned away as the moon faded behind the huge trees.

“Let’s party,” the ghost said. Aditya lashed his tongue out in disbelief.  “Wah wah! First, this tiger scared the shit outta me in the forest and now a ghost wanna party like a wild animal. Hope your tigers don’t follow us to save you from us, humans. I feel like a jock kinda terrified boyfriend of a female ghost,” he shrugged.

They waded their way inside the disc in the night like invisible shadows walking past the security standing stoic like statues in front of the huge door and gyrated their bodies to the foot tapping number, ‘Party with the Bhootnath’ that ushered a sense of eeriness to the clubbers. The ghost feet dangled in the air and Aditya felt a huge force cuddling and stiffly pressing his broad shoulders. It was a warm and tight hug. A sensation ran through his body like current, with light fingers tearing through his shirt and pricking his skin.

The crowd sniggered at the weird and outta place fellow hugging himself tightly and tickling his skin, covering the unchartered body zones. He whispered to her, “Stop it. People think that I have gone mad and can beat me black and blue for indecency. Let me kiss you, at least.”

She grinned slyly, “You are no Edward Cullens and I am not Bella playing New Moon. We cannot run havoc here but we can scare the shit outta them for looking at the not-so-obvious.” She winked. At this moment, Aditya’s feet were not touching the air and the young hop crowd of men and women freaked out. They almost shrieked in fear when a power emasculated their voice which stood paralysed for few seconds.  Both of them disappeared out of thin air.

They lay on the white bed in Aditya’s flat looking into each other’s eyes. She popped the question, “I think that I will make love to you but promise that you have to do an important work for me.”  He was bemused. She grabbed his face, kissed him, swirled her tongue and licked his mouth. His lip became swollen with such intensity. “What Aditya? You are making me break my promise of not making love to a human.”

He asked the dumbest question, “How can we fuck with your clothes on?” The ghost smirked, “You forget my sweet lover that I am a ghost and not a human like you. I will be half human and you are already half ghost.

Their bodies oscillated and dangled in the air, feeling the force inside them, floating like fish in water.

She rested her head on his shoulder, “Today, I have decided to tell you my story, something that you need to know. Everyone believed that I committed suicide but my husband blindfolded me on the pretence of a surprise and pushed  away from the balcony on the 12th floor. He disguised it as suicide and bought false witnesses with my money.  My human name was Meenakshi. I worshipped and trusted him blindly. He was after my money. We were the perfect couple but he slept with other women behind my back. My body is still lying in the basement. I want to teach him a lesson. I learned about his crime when my soul hovered inside the house.”

Aditya was shocked and his eyes welled.  A man dressed in dark blue suit slouched on the couch and was drunk inside the spacious and luxurious living room adorned with the luxury of the world.  He was intoxicated by the wealth surrounding him. Aditya sauntered inside and without losing a second, slapped Meenakshi’s husband, “Why did you kill her?” The man fell down and yelled, “Security! How did you come inside?”

Aditya rolled in laughter, “I love her. She is here. No one will hear your voice.” The man was shocked and yelled for help but his voice was blocked by the walls. He asked in fear, “What do you want? Do you think I am scared of a college going kid pretending to be in love with my dead wife?  You don’t know who I am. I will finish you”

The ghost of Meenakshi whispered something inside Aditya’s ears. “You will kill me! I will finish you. Game over, Sir. You have kept her body in the basement and a trove worth gold is hidden inside a hole you dug inside the house. We want justice for Meenakshi. She wants you to confess your crime on camera. Everything, you swine,” Aditya brandished a gun and hit him on the forehead.

Slaps in the air were heard. The man yelled and begged for forgiveness as an invisible force flung his body to the wall. A voice shrieked and tears of blood dropped on the floor.

“Why did you do this to me, Anil?  I have loved you for ten years, covering up every mistake of yours. What did I get in return? You cheated me with every woman in town. The man stammered, “Please forgive me. I did it for your wealth.”

The shocked husband had no choice but confessed his crime on camera how he plotted and killed his wife. The ghost held Aditya’s hand and ushered him inside the basement where he dug her body. The lifeless body was finally burnt with the religious rites.

The ghost gently stroked his lip. “Adi, I am liberating you from the world of ghost. I never thought that we will find each other and fall in love. My soul is free now.”

He wouldn’t let her go, “You have no right to go away from me.  So what, you are not human? My soul belongs to you. I will not be able to see or touch you.”

“Who says so? I will come and meet you. We will make love in the open air and dance in the pub tomorrow to celebrate our victory. I am dead to the world not to you. Remember, you have ghostly power, you human. Our love is eternal.” They embraced each other.

The next day, Aditya woke up and read the newspaper headlines, “City shocked. Businessman confessed on video of killing wife ten years ago. Body kept in the basement for a decade.  He has been arrested and liable to life-long sentence.”

He smiled and closed his eyes. Someone whispered in his ears, “Adi! We won.” He turned around and embraced her. Meenakshi is present in every moment of her Adi’s life.





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