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UBC 22: Ghostly love at translucent night (2)

This post is written on Day 22 as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and written for The Blog Chatter. It’s the second outing for the spooky tales, ‘The Ouija Girl’ and this we call it, ‘Ghostly love at translucent night (2). I am weaving short stories for the entire month of October.


‘Ghostly love at translucent night’ (Part Two)

The body lay stiff and motionless on the floor, twitched with slow breathing. The human fingers moved slowly where the chest intermittently pushes its might up and down.  The eyes slowly opened. Light swiftly traveled through the semi-conscious body that sprung to life. Aditya got up with pain and walked clumsily inside the house. He almost puked at the stench smell of stinking corpses.

He curled his eyes and was horrified to see there was not an inch of space and the disoriented man walked on top of dead corpses. White shadows lurked behind him, danced to drum beats and surrounded him forming a circle of flames.  The concrete wall inside the house has turned into steam and the rooms took the shape of ice cubes. His skinned body is frozen to death. The roof is decrepit, falling apart and electric wires hanging like sword beneath his head.

Aditya howled in fear at the sight of dead bodies and ghosts doing the trance dance. He banged his fist on the wall but felt no pain. His hand traveled inside the wall like the fluid body movement swimming in the salted sea water. His voice was choked and paralyzed. A pair of hand pressed his neck and strangulating him to death.

Shroud of lighting struck the pigeons who flew off the perch-the burnt wooden window pane and squeaked their way to some far off destination. A crimson white and translucent face burst through like light feather. Her face shone brightly. She looked like a painter’s muse, wearing a mythical expression, blue eyes and a face made of pastry cream. She was a creature that cannot be touched but admired from a distance for the fear of being burnt in hell. She came straight from an alien world.

Aditya’s hands trembled watching the love of her life taking this mysterious form. She was no longer the perfectly sweet girl that appeared in his dreams. He stammered, “What is that?” She gently touched his head, “Don’t worry, love. It’s the same life. It’s your house. You have been transformed. You forgot, lover boy? Your love is not human. I am mistress of the invisible world. You don’t belong to this world. Light has traveled inside your body. No bullet will harm you. You are human yet belong to us, the universe of souls which your people call ghosts.”

He sweated and removed his handkerchief which swung in the air and fluttered but wouldn’t touch his face as if under a spell.  Aditya and his muse swiveled to become one. Two souls interchanging bodies and levitating in the air, they grew like a balloon that doesn’t seem to burst at any time. Aditya muttered something under his breath.

“You wanna make me your eternal slave and I am ready to become your doormat forever,” the lovelorn boy said. The fear has disappeared. The ghost lover looked with intensity, “How I wished we could kiss and make passionate love. But, I am made of light and have no human flesh!” She mocked him, “You are already my eternal lover, not a slave. I don’t need to make you anything. Lovers become everything, this world or the invisible universe.” He stayed silence and wondered, what’s the point of becoming lovers if they cannot make love?”

The ghost sprayed snow inside the decrepit house which is turned into Aditya’s old flat with all the amenities and the white flake scattered till the door’s entrance. “It’s for your security, my love. Don’t step out till I come back.” He tried to walk past the snow which erupted into fire. He is horrified, “What was that?”

She placidly said, “It’s the Lakshman Rekha.” He fumed, “Yeah, as if I am some fucking new age Sita and the Raavans’ of the world will abduct me to blow fire under my ass.”  The ghost disappeared out of the window.

In a span of hours, she erupted inside and sniffed chemical powder by lashing her tongue out on a metal. Aditya was amazed and blurted out, “So, the ghost knows the H2 0 combine. I am weak in Chemistry. Why don’t you scare my stupid lecturers and take my exams.”

She is amused, “It’s just that I am a very ethical ghost. Come with me. Let’s go.” The ghost flapped her fangs and Aditya climbed on the light feathers traveling the forests and hunched past the mountains to land in a deserted space. Angry howl was heard hunting for prey and sniffed the stranger human flesh in the dark. The human soul in him almost fainted, his heart beating fast and face contorted to see around before spinning his legs to run super fast.

The roar of the lion, faint toes curled and cramped in front of the guest, menacing eyes stoked fear in Aditya. He started running for his life and the tiger trailed him within distance ready to pounce on him.  The tiger thrust its might on him when he stopped like a robot. A familiar plonk was heard by the tiger. Aditya exuded a momentary sign of relief. He ran out of breath. A tigress stood in front of Aditya to protect him from harm. The fiery guardian of the forest crawled away from them.

Luminescent eyes turned bright like lightning as the tigress roared and thundered claws turned into golden eyes. “I turned into a tigress ghost,” she said.



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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    1. Thanks so much for reading. Hope you get to read all of the spooky stories in the series. Your words are very encouraging. Now this week, you can brace for romance and authors’ interview.

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