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UBC 21: The Ouija girl

The post is written for the UBC and The Blog Chatter where I am sketching short stories, book reviews and interviews for 31 days in the month of October. Today is Day 21: The Ouija girl.

The Ouija girl

The black and white huge Ouija board was spread on the marbled floor in the middle of the night inside the studio apartment. A gentle breeze blew and cold sensation flew inside the house. The night was still and gentle where the only voices that broke the stillness were stray dogs barking ferociously as if a stranger has been spotted. Screeching sounds! Hushed steps, curtain rolling in length and swirling its way to touch the white azure sky.

The planchette tumbled and moved as if the windy storm pushed it inching from the right to the left side. The few coins spread on the board clinked as they touched four letter words, L O V E. The three college students were thrilled and felt a chill down the spine as the chirpy Disha asked, “So tell us, friend, when did you die?”

The board didn’t move an ounce and the white curtain flew and made a knot. The silent night became vibrant as the wallpaper tore into tiny pieces landing on the letters 2 0 0 6. The three of them, Disha, Aditya and Shankar looked at each other in fright and their frantic heartbeat ushered told that there is more to the mysterious and unusually silent ghost. The coins popped on letters G I R L and L O V E letter word kept popping.

Disha freaked out but laughed, “I toh am safe. Both of you guys beware.” The guys became silent and felt a chill down the spine, retorting, “What if she turns out to be a lesbian ghost?” The door banged with violence and glasses in the kitchen fell down as if someone is throwing them with fury.

The couple, Disha, and Shankar left for holiday at Munnar the next morning. Aditya stayed alone in the flat. He spent his time sleeping and a mysterious girl kept popping in his dreams to disappear in a blink. It felt so real that after he woke up, the bed moved and he felt like floating in the air.  The bed sheet was pulled off beneath Aditya withi fleeting seconds.

The window was wide open. The curtains moved and flew with the violent breeze forming a circle, stretched its might towards the skin to become one with the cloud. Aditya turned his gaze towards the door which banged like a potent fist that bolted it from outside and the window closed on its own.

Smoke flew inside Aditya’s room that steamrolled into a huge ring and a shadow taking a human form surfaced. Aditya received a jolt when he saw the face that haunted him in his dreams every night. The voice screeched and the face unfurled like tornado. “I am the same girl who comes in your dream…I am a spirit…I know Disha and Shankar. The three of you called me the last time. I am the Ouija girl. I will not harm you, Adi,” she spoke with fire in her eyes and tears flowing down her eyes.

Aditya felt suffocated and couldn’t comprehend whether he was still dreaming or she is for real.  He was already in love with the girl whose charm drew him towards her. The ghost haunted his spirit and soul.

The female ghost laughed uninterrupted, “I know what’s inside your mind. Every nerve in your cell is dictated by me. You are under my spell. You have fallen in love with a ghost. I have come here for you Adi. My soul wandered in every nook-and-corner traversed the clouds, mountain, and seas to quench my thirst of love a decade. I have left my incomplete life when my husband cheated on me. Finally,  I have found love in you. No power of the devil or Gods human worship shall separate us.”

Aditya was drawn towards the ghost as her human form broke into small cake of dust to disappear. He cried like a child and behaved in a violent manner, “Please don’t leave me and go. I will come after you.” He felt a powerful strike controlling his mind and senses. Aditya crashed on the floor.

To be continued…

The story is taken from a prompt from the book of Ganga Bharani’s Creative Writing: Plot Engine that contains more than 80 plot prompts and 2-3 directions under each plot. Make sure you click and buy the book here.




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