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UBC Day 16: Book review Caged birds Do Not Sing


I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge written for The Blog Chatter on Day 16. Today, I am reviewing the Sonia Kundra Singh’s book, Caged Birds do not Sing. Have fun reading.

BOOK Review

Caged Birds Do Not Sing

Released by: Fountainhead publishers

Author: Sonia Kundra Singh

Rating: 3.5 stars




Love is like the sensual white drape wrapped over your skin to cover souls intertwined together. Sonia Kundra Singh’s, ‘Caged birds Do Not sing’ is a tangy, spicy and sensual affair which depicts romance that hit the nerves and the provoked adrenaline rush that reaches the climax is a boon to readers swayed by melting hearts, souls, and bodies.

An engrossing book, Caged Birds do not Sing set the pace that lifts you off the perch as you are transported into the world of Saira, Aryan, and Saraswati Reddy. In short, the book is the perfect pitch for readers already sold to romance.


Saira Singh is busy with her nine to five job plus fantasizing about the handsome young boss’s brother until the boss himself steps in to make sure things were in control. Aryan Reddy needs help. He brings her into confidence to pretend to be his girlfriend to avoid an arranged match at home. Things began to heat up pretty soon after that. He transforms the nerdy girl into a woman and soon Cinderella was falling for the prince. With strong South Indian roots and a responsibility to be the exemplary eldest son interferes with his romance.

Credit: Goodreads


‘Caged Birds Do Not Sing’ is a hot and sultry affair but with a soul. Sonia Kundra Singh depicts the complexity in the characters that she weaves with a whiff of fresh air, touching us like the passing light in our system. The writing is fast-paced and the characters are complex yet down-to-earth. The icing on the cake is the take on Hindi movies made in the 80s where Aryan’s mother asks Saira’s price to leave her son. The characters are flawed yet human who will go to any length to make the self-triumph. Aryan’s mother, Saraswati Reddy and Saira share a hate-love relationship but in the end, there is a tacit understanding after the bullet firing.

The author paints Aryan in an arrogant manner, the boss who gets things done and who thinks he can buy everything with his money. He is a very nuanced, complex and full of contradictions. But, there is more to him. Deep inside, he is a very soft man. Saira is one girl who knows what she wants from life but who is at the same time vulnerable.

Sonia has an uncanny ability to depict love-making scenes in a very effortless manner that hook the readers. It is spicy and full of life, be it constructing the kissing scenes and exploring the layers of the two distinctly different people making love to each other. She taps the emotions with so much clarity and builds the tension in a near perfect way.

“Her room was a mess but neither of them noticed. Clothes were flying in all directions and there was something more than kissing going on. Lips on lips, lips at the neck…lips around the navel where Aryan began a series of heated kisses. She was naked in his arms and he was still wearing his trousers, forcibly stopping himself the pleasure of being with her.”

There is a flow to each and every moment in the book, be it the orgasmic and sensual pleasures, conflict and narration that pushes the envelope further.

What’s Not!

There are few pitfalls in the book that could be avoided such as the element of predictability which is present in rare instances.  There is the jealousy angle when Saira dances with a businessman during the conference and the fiancée that comes uninvited to play spoilsport. Moreover, the change is too drastic in the second part of the book when Saira moves from Aryan to an unhappy marriage where she faces humiliation from the ‘wrong husband’ without raising an eyebrow.

Final Remarks:

Sonia Kundra Singh’s ‘Caged Birds Do Not Sing’ ends up in style, in the same way, it started with lots of fire spark. It simply takes you by surprise and wins over your heart. There are very few dull moments in the book. It’s a romance novel that truly lives up to its name and expectations to break the drab and monotony in life. It sends your heart pulsating asking for more. Fun, thrilling, and entertaining. A complete page turner and the moment your fingers flick through, there is no stopping you to finish it.

The author can be contacted on Facebook and Twitter. She blogs here. Book your copy here.



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