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UBC 15: Death of a lover


This post, ‘Death of a lover’ is written on Day 15 as part of UBC and for The Blog Chatter. I am blogging for 31 days in the month of October and my theme is short stories. Hope you enjoy this one.

Death of a lover


The plane flew past the Arabian Sea, leaving behind the thick mound of dust that billows on the life of the crazy inhabitants.  One leaves behind everything, the human emotions, debt, friendship and fragmented life.

The girl aspires for everything mundane, luxurious and never flinched in giving a pound of her flesh, losing her virginity on the flowery bed. She broke many hearts. It’s was a tale of pretending to love, fuck and forget. After all, they were her sugar daddies. The lovers were no daddies but a fresh pair of legs made them weak on the knees. She is the mango woman choosing to discard a life of poverty and surviving on morsels to make it big on her own.

Jasso’s only daughter left everything buried and bruised in the past. A mother who ran through the leaf of stupidity and her incomprehensiveness  language, stammering of the tongue, hopelessness made no sense to the world. She never attended school and alphabets were an alien that she never plucked like the fruits of aliens.  Her parents fumed at her stupidity in grasping conversation, words, reasoning where she never came out of her trance state. Perhaps, the Gods had other plans for her. She was married off to a man who lost his voice. Destiny united them, the world told.

The girl’s lover sunk into sobers after the love of his life cut all contacts with him. There was no phone call and he became the disconnected piece in his life. He is the rich owner of a supermarket in the humble colony where the girl came one day to flirt with him, they kissed and luscious lips dangled in heavenly bliss.

The jilted lover had enough of everything. Freebies, cash, and groceries emptied out of the supermarket to enter the humble abode of his lover. One day, he became distraught that he landed in front of her house and was greeted by Jasso. “Where is she,” he asked.

“She has left us and gone up in the sky,” Jasso was oblivious to the misunderstanding.

His heart was broken into thousand pieces. He reeled under shock, “Now I cannot chase you. You have left us in the lurch. What will happen to me and your parents? You are a departed soul, now. I cannot chase you in the stars and sky. So sudden?”

A drop of tear flew from Jasso’s eye, missing her only daughter who was hitting the pub in the United States and drinking beer, bought by new lovers. The heartbroken man had no word to console the mother and said, “I will arrange for fruits and vegetables,” thinking that Jasso and her deaf and dumb husband wouldn’t be able to afford the rites of the departed soul.

The next day, he came with a truckload of vegetables, fruits, incense sticks and handful of rupees that he gave to Jasso. He scampered away from the house of the girl and his eyes were swollen with tears.  He thought, “I have no heart to sit through the prayers of the soul that she was.”

The girl bedded several lovers, fell on the busy street in New York and tripped in Manhattan, sloshed with the alcohol becoming her partner in celebrating her independence, oblivious that her mother had killed her in alluding to the plane traveling the sky rather than death to a lover lost in her unrequited love.



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

12 thoughts on “UBC 15: Death of a lover

    1. hehe! She didn’t die in fact but a communication problem between her mom and the lover. She is enjoying her life in US. I think the problem is that I didn’t do proper justice this time in detailing the humor. Thanks Doc for visiting:)

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