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UBC Day 12: Waltzing to imperfection


This post, ‘Waltzing to Imperfection’ is written as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for The Blog Chatter on Day 12. I am writing short stories for the entire 31 days challenge in October.

Waltzing to imperfection

He slowly waltzed on the dance floor, moved towards the petite girl dancing solo. She was taken back and moved an inch backward. He continued dancing, shaking his body and swayed to the music and turned towards her. She was amused and moved in his direction. They danced together. She smiled. He smiled back.

“Hey,” He said. “Hi,” she smugged. “Kushal,” he introduced himself. “Sanya,” she glided.

Kushal blathered to keep the conversation going and finally asked her for a drink. They moved out of the dance floor and Sanya asked, “It’s the same old trick, moving towards a girl on the dance floor and offering a drink.

He was caught on the wrong foot. “Actually, I was bored. I saw you and knew you are the most sensible woman dancing alone on the dance floor. I know how to observe.”

Sanya squinted at him, “Aha! Wow. Impressive. Compliments and all.” Her friends called her from a distance, ‘Sanya’ and she gave him a peck on the cheek, “Hey! I gotta go. My friends calling me. See ya.”

His romance story burst like a balloon and fizzled in the air before it started. Kushal asked for a second drink and sat alone on the sofa, watching couples and single girls dance. “There is something about her. No point in hitting on other girls,” a voice whispered in his ears.

A dash of hope wafted in the air. It’s Adi! His best friend. What is he doing there and speaking to Sanya? He was already high on alcohol and Sanya. Now, this funny situation is hovering on his head. He hugged Adi. “You are my brother. I am sure we were twins in the past birth,” he showered praise on him.

Adi knew something was cooking. He said, “Dude, what’s up?” Kushal pointed at the gang to the Adi and says, “This chick…yes the same one you were speaking to?”

“Dude! Sanya. She is my cousin,” Adi smiled wickedly.

He made a V sign triumphantly, “Yes! Awesome. Boss, introduce us properly and invite her for dinner tomorrow.”

Adi was amused and let off, “You see the guy in the group. It’s her boyfriend. Now, they are dancing together.”

“Shit man, my love story has popped out. Kya yaar, so many expectations that we would go on a date,” Kushal cursed.

Adi warned him, “Sambhal ke rehne (Be cautious).

Kushal went back to the dance floor and danced alone for the whole night, doing regular trips to the bar swirled pegs to burn to the false signal of love and romance.

He woke up to a horrible hangover at noon. Adi was sitting on the adjacent bed and watching him. Beep! Adi’s phone buzzed.  He exuded a smile, “It’s Sanya message. She is at the station and saying bye to you. Her train is leaving now for Goa.”

“So!” Kushal was nonplussed.

Adi started laughing, “Dude! It was a prank. The guy she was dancing the last night is her cousin Mehul. I pulled a fast one on you.”

Kushal slung his pillow on Adi, “You are so fucked up. I could have gone on a date with her and didn’t even ask for her number.”

“It’s 981461****,” Adi made faces.



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