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Happy Birthday Big B: Crazy Things I do as a Fan

It was the birthday of the century yesterday. Our own angry young man never falls shy of painting his fans, cinema lovers and the Hindi film industry PINK. Arre Diwano usse pehchano kaun hai woh! Wohi hai jo rishtey mein Sab ke Baap lagte hai naam Hai Shahenshah aur jahan woh khade hai line wohi se shuru hota hai. Sometimes, he is Vijay, Anthony, Subhash Nagre but the one and only Amitabh Bachchan. The man who is an institution of acting turned a year younger yesterday and I did celebrate his birthday by watching two of his movies back-to-back yesterday. It’s the crazy things that I do as a fan. Wishing him on Twitter and blog are things die-hard Bachchan fans like me do.

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Crazy things that I do as a Bachchan Fan

  1. Hairstyle 

Yes! It’s crazy. I know! As a growing teen, I once tucked an AB Brijbasi wala card inside my shirt to show to the barber and insisted he cut my hair in the exact replicate,  making  a curled twist in the end, pretty much same way Bachchan sports his hair. It was his 90s wala hair cut. Every time, I’d get high when people would compliment my hairstyle and says, it looks like AB hair style.

2. Aping Big B’s mannerism

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I wanted to be Amitabh Bachchan and be like him in each and every mannerism. I wanna talk and walk Amitabh Bachchan. I would watch the favorite dialogues  Rishtey mein Hum Tumhare Baap lagte hai from Shahenshah, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan in Agneepath and Aaj Khush to bohot ho gaye from Deewar which I’d mouth in front of the mirror. I even recorded the dialogues in my own voice on a cassette that I would play in my radio player every now and then. Over the years, my AB craziness didn’t stop here. Once in college, I repeated an AB dialogue in front of a small college crowd during a volunteer meet for our festival and another time while walking on the street, there was an Indian Idol truck stationed doing promotion when I stood in front of everyone to mouth AB dialogue. I got a tee as a gift.

3. Worshipping posters and postcards

As a child, I always make it a point making the idols of Gods and Goddesses jealous when my parents went down my throat so that I offer prayers and light agarbattis. I lit an incense stick and performed the arati of Amitabh Bachchan posters and postcards in my room, speaking to him and imagining that he is speaking to me. Such madness was reserved only for Bachchan.

4. Watch movies on his birthday


Amitabh Bachchan is my religion and he is the only God that I worship. I make it a point to watch his movies for a week, starting on his birthday October 11. Yesterday, I watched two of his movies back-to-back, Shahenshah, and Agneepath that remained two of my favorite childhood movies of my idols. He was my first superhero with Shahenshah and I am in such awe that I saw myself, repeating the mannerism and mouthing the dialogues before the scenes unfold. The trick is that I know all lines by heart. I just finished watching Silsila on Sony Max.

5. Hain!

The famous Hain in the huge baritone is entrenched in my soul and mind that I keep repeating them for zillion times in a day. I spend my time imitating the huge baritone and singing in his voice even now and the trademark, Hain’ keep lingering in my mind. I swore so much by Amitabh Bachchan that everyone in college would call me and save my name on their phone book, as Bachchan that I started introducing myself not as Vishal but you know which name by now.

6. My AB collections

My personal collection.
My personal collection.

I have a huge AB collections in a file that I bought for school notes which I ended up emptying to fill with Big B newspaper cuttings, posters, and interviews in magazines. It became my treasure trove over the years. I would spend my pocket money buying his cassettes, CDs, preserved Filmfare, Stardust, and Movie magazines over the years. There is a huge stack of postcard that I have accumulated over the years. His pictures gracing the cover in magazines is enough to make me go dizzy to splurge my money buying them all. As a teenager, I had a special cassette Amitabh Dhamaka with his movie songs and dialogues which I would listen over and over again. I dunno where I lost it!


7. SMS adorned on his wall

When Big B fell ill in 2005, ToI ran a campaign via sms and asked well-wishers to wish him speedy recovery. I recall when I went to Mumbai for a conference, I was reading a long interview AB gave to TOI when he mentioned how touched he was by the interview that all wished poured by fans and admirers were preserved and put in a huge frame in his office. I felt so excited and almost danced that my message to Amit Sir is on his office wall.


8. Hours of waiting for a dekkho

It was the second year in college. I skipped my favorite Philosophy lecture early morning to catch a glimpse and hoping to meet Amitabh Bachchan who was shooting for Virrudh in a bungalow at Deccan Gymkhana in Pune with Anusha Dandekar and John Abraham. There was a huge crowd where the police cordoned the area and waiting in the scorching sun with thin hope wearing out till I accept defeat to exit in the afternoon.

It’s super cool to be an Amitabh Bachchan fan and showering with praise and love. I am an agnostic who worship Bachchan and would often call him bade bhaiya (brother). Like him, I am dude whose lineage is from the Ganga kinare wala.












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12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Big B: Crazy Things I do as a Fan

  1. Amitabh craze was huge when I was a kid. Late 70s and early 80s, all Amitabh movies had to be watched in theatres. Since there was no TV, Video, etc that was the only option. I remember there was a girl in my building who was crazy about him then. She had plastered her bedroom with Amitabh photos. She was the craziest fan I know of. I am loving his recent movies like Piku, Teen and Pink. Excellent acting there.

    1. That’s something cool to hear about Amit Sir, the adulation and worship that hasn’t really gone down over the years. I did that too! My friend told me how her mom’s friends would sleep with the posters of Rajesh Khanna under the pillow. AB last movies were ground breaking but as a fan loved the AB of 70s, 80s and 90s loads:)

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