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UBC 11: Chunnu’s Supremo saves Mumbai and tells a secret (5)

This post is written as part of UBC for Blog Chatter on Day 11, Chunnu’s adventure in Mumbai (5): ‘Chunnu’s Supremo saves Mumbai and tells a secret.’It’s October 11. It’s the end of Chunnu’s adventure in Mumbai and read the post till the end. I will tell you why on Day 11, the last outing is special.

Chunnu’s Supremo saves Mumbai and tells a secret

The sky is dark in Mumbai. An airplane is hovering atop Marine Drive. Thunderstorm hit the sky and burst of fire balls are flowing like arrows. Blaring shots of guns are heard. It’s the end of the world. The people are afflicted by invisible and non-deciphered disease which is spread by a virus wafting in the air. It’s the biggest terrorist attack in the city which will slowly reach the entire of India. Hindustan will be finished. The terrorists are laughing, watching it live in their godown on TV channels.

Someone lit a cigarette. It’s Neta-ji. He threatens the frightful coupled tied on a rope with a gun, “Now! You know who I am? I am Neta ji. We will finish Hindustan that will be shred into pieces. Your son? What’s his name? This little devil and trouble maker who exposed me? Yes! Chunnu. Of course, he will come to save you.”

Neta-ji roared in laughter, “Who will save your son? After all, a small little devil. Where is his Supremo? He must be a coward hiding in his den and saving his own skin.”

Chunnu was sitting alone in his room, nibbling his finger with Vaidehi by his side, “How to save Mom and Dad from the demons?” Vaidehi scratches her head, “Let me think? Yes! Yes! Supremo will save them.” He makes a face, “Arre! Yaar! This Supremo has ditched us. Where has he gone when our city is being destroyed.”

A bird squeaked and flew inside the house. A loud thump is heard. Thunder strike pierces through the ears and intermittent cloud burst ravages through the air. Music plays loudly in the background:

“He roams alone in the still night and deserted streets. Saviour of the world and children’s friends…He is Supremo. He has arrived. The city will be saved and the enemies of Hindustan will perish. Thunder strike, cyclone and force of Volcano…Supremo has reached.”

A tall man wearing blue goggle and black boots make a loud, thumping noise walk with his steps. He is dressed in black attire made of a leather jacket and robe worn on plain white socks. Chunnu stares at Supremo in awe, “Supremo.” The bird, Allahrakha, lands a peck on Supremo as he asks, “Where is Sonali?” Allahrakha squirms, “Go and save Chunnu’s parents. Ah! You mean your girl friend? I’ll fly 140 words to her, no problem mate. Remember I am Allahrakha, a twitter.”

Supremo holds his hands in the air as Chunnu and Vaidehi climb on him and they fly past the window, traversing Churchgate railway station, towers at Nariman Point above sea level where the children admire the Queen’s Necklace at night. The three land in front of the den and silently walk past the force of evil. A huge cackle is heard behind their ears as they peep through the hole in the steel door.  It’s Neta-ji’s voice.

“The good humans thought that the world is round…like the globe, everything will be gol, gol, gol. But, but, they could never imagine the dark side of people like me. Yeah! I am Neta-ji, the face of terror who gets an orgasm of sort in spreading terrorism, planting bomb everywhere and scare small kids to death.” Neta-ji raises a toast and makes a loud cheer to his goons.

Supremo makes a sign with his hand, “Idea, Chunnu bhaiya and Vaidehi mata. First, adjust your rimmed glasses Mr Chunnu or else you will look like a pale version of Harry Potter. Will you stop looking like a desi version of Harria Puttar? Stop staring at me.”

Chunny is amused, “Why don’t you show your real face to the world? Remember we must save my parents and Mumbai. Let’s go inside to save them and prevent this lethal virus from destroying Mumbai. Stand tall, Supremo. You look like the angry young man.”

sourced from Google India.

Supremo whistles urging Chunnu to be ready for some trick and he flung the child who somersaults inside, picking a broom and hit Neta-ji’s henchman on the head. The villains try to catch Chunnu but he is remote controlled by Supremo who is conjuring some tricks with his hand, turning the child into a cat, giant, and horse, kicking the henchmen in their stomach. Supremo twists his palm as little Chunnu turns into a dwarf and as the villains try to wrestle him, his hair turns into bonfire which burns them to death

Neta-ji is fazed and can’t comprehend what is happening to them, seeing his ugly power waning away. “What’s happening?” he removes a gun. Supremo hides Vaidehi which turns into a dwarf in his black leather jacket and moves past the concrete fortress and the steel door opens on its own.

Supremo flies and spits fire on the villains exterminating them one by one and touches Chunnu with his hand who flung to sit on the roof.  Neta ji is shocked and yells, “How on earth did this Supremo enter our fortress when the door is sealed from inside?”

He laughs, “Kya re Neta-ji. I am the dude from Ganga kinarewala. I don’t need to get into trouble spots but they find me like a spell, pulling me inside to save the world from destruction. When I reach the fortress, your steel doors open on its own. Let’s not waste time introducing myself for it will take a life time to narrate.” Supremo pulls his fist that makes his hand stretch like a rubber band, becoming larger and larger that lands on the stomach of Neta-ji who is sent flying and hurling in pain.

“Today, I will make you spill the truth from your own mouth, you moron?” The super hero makes Neta-ji twists around and his whole body is suddenly uncovered as Supremo wriggles his fingers in the air. He unfolds his hand and mouthful gulab jamun and channa is flying in the air and pops inside his mouth. Chunnu and Vaidehi throw channa and Gulab Jamun on the villains which turn into rockets.

A gun lands on the palm of Supremo and he fires at the ropes to free Chunnu’s parents who are tied.

Music is played, ‘He is Supremo. He roams in the silent night when the devils sleep like Kumbakaran…some call him Vijay while for others he is Toofan and Anthony.”

Supremo grabs Neta ji by the neck and Chunnu is having fun tickling the corrupt politician to death. Supremo winks at the children, “So, Chunnu bhaiya, what do we do with him?”

Chunnu taps Vaidehi on her shoulder and says with bewilderment, “Let’s make him dance. Don’t you know in films, there is a song before the climax? Itna bhi akal nahin hai, Supremo.” Neta refuses and threatens them that the police will soon come to finish them for acting smart with a politician who will soon rule Mumbai. “Where Supremo is present, the court and judgement is held. Who are you Neta-ji? I, Supremo is the court, police, and judge. I make my own law everywhere I go”

“Naach basanti,” Supremo presses his lip and Chunnu explodes crackers on the bum of Neta-ji.

Neta-ji has no choice and swirls his inert body to Jhumma Chumma De De. The Question is: We are not playing kaun Banega Crorepathi, Neta ji,” Supremo asks, “Where is the secret virus code that you will wreck havoc on Mumbai.”

Neta-ji laughs, knowing that he has a trump card on his hand, “Haha! Go and save your Mumbai. The virus will fly like a jet and explode in few minutes.”

A beep is heard. Supremo rushes inside a cold room where there are several computers and he has no choice but to deactivate them before the virus is spread. He whistles and throws tennis balls towards Chunnu and Vaidehi who turns into robots, walking at brisk pace towards Neta-ji. They hit him in the stomach and on his face and Neta-ji is shaken with the waves of electric shocks sparked by the children robots. Neta-ji vomits the cells that he gulped inside the stomach.

A loud explosion is heard and the computer screens are deactivated. The virus is deactivated. The robots turn into normal kids who throw the pen cells to the Supremo who opens them with his tooth. They found the code. Supremo gives a high five to Chunnu and Vaidehi.

Huge wheel springs to life and the metal door collapses to turn into a black BMW car, whose shining door flaps open. A robotic voice says, “Supremo, the virus is deactivated. Check! Sit inside the car and let’s fly.”

Neta-ji cannot recover from his wit as smoke is exhaled from the car and spurt on his face which turns black.  Supremo ushers Vaidehi, Chunnu and his parents inside the car which zooms out of the building.

Supremo presses his chest like Lord Hanuman and removes a Trishul that lands on Neta-ji who is burned into ashes. After all, it’s Dashera. Chunnu wasn’t going to leave Supremo in peace. He asks,  “Tell me your super hero secret.”

” Supremo pulls the blinker on his face and screeches the skin below his neck to remove the mask. The children are shell shocked, almost fainted and yell, “Amitabh Bachchan. You are Amitabh Bachchan.”

Supremo winks, “It’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone. I had no option left to save the city and its people that made me into a legend. I turned into Supremo.” He threw the mask on the lap of Chunnu. “It’s my birthday and a gift to you. Treasure the moments I gave to you and Vaidehi.”

The mask vibrates on Chunnu’s lap and started leaping on its feet that suddenly sprang to life. “Arre Diwanon mujhe penchano mein hoon kaun…Don ban gaya Supremo.”

Supremo winks to the readers, “Shh!! You also don’t tell anyone who is Supremo. Jahan hum khade hai line wohi shuru ho jata hai…words from your Shahenshah.”

The end.

Postscript: The last outing: Chunnu’s adventure in Mumbai is a tribute to the biggest star in Hindi cinema, Amitabh Bachchan. Yes, it’s October 11, Big B’s birthday, the man who is my inspiration and the first superhero that ushered with Shahenshah. Not many of us will recall that in the 1980’s there was a comic book based on Amitabh Bachchan and the superhero was called, Supremo.

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