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UBC Day 9: Chunnu meets superhero


This post, Chunnu’s adventures in Mumbai (4): Chunnu and the superhero’ is written as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and for Blog Chatter on Day 9.

Chunnu’s adventure in Mumbai (4): Chunnu meets superhero

The riotous laughter has abruptly stopped. The spleen crowd has suddenly turned hostile and threw chappals and tomatoes that flew like bullets on the corrupt Neta. He was reeling under shock after the video showed him taking bribes in lakhs. He ordered his henchmen, “Chase and kill them.”

Chunnu jumped off the podium and seized the hand of Vaidehi who volleyed off the podium and they ran for their lives.  The henchmen are within grasping distance of the kids who stumbled in a pool of mud. Chunnu grabbed a cake of cow dung and flung it on their assailants. It smacked on the face of one of the henchmen.

The children jumped off a cartload of vegetables which they emptied on the road. The henchmen slipped on the vegetables one by one and flew in various directions. Their faces are bruised and sat on the road to nurse blood that oozed on their faces.  Chunnu and Vaidehi mocked them by making monkey faces. Together, they lifted a huge pall of water filled with thick colours which they poured on the villains.  The men are drenched in the coloured soaked liquid like Holi smeared on faces and clothes.

“Let’s run,” Chunnu shouted. Both of them leapt on their feet and threw vessels, glasses and plates on the villains.

The children stumbled and slipped on a huge pile of rocks and lost their balance. They rolled and cascaded when the henchmen dragged them in a dilapidated building. Chunnu and Vaidehi were crying, shivered and yelled for help.

A scary looking man with a round, fat pot of belly ordered, “These kids have made our lives hell and kill them straight away.” He removed a sharp knife which he almost jabbed in their chest when a tall shadow swiftly lurked and dangled to throw the knife away. He leapt into the air and lifted Chunnu and Vaidehi with him. The henchmen are shocked. It was for the first time they saw a man wearing black blinkers flying and oscillating. The superhero, along with Chunnu and Vaidehi  flew like helicopter, traversed the seas, mountains and they can look down at the huge buildings down at Marine Drive.

The super hero’s tight hands clutched both Chunnu and Vaidehi who froze. She couldn’t believe that she was touching the sky. Chunnu beamed, “Superhero.” He winked at Vaidehi, “He is my friend. Superhero has all powers in the world and can zoom, whoosh above buildings, touch the sky and oscillate in the air. No one can beat him.” Vaidehi almost fainted.

Chunnu cannot stop himself and almost blurted, “Su…..” when superhero pressed his hand on his lip so that his young friend doesn’t reveal the secret.

The next day, the TV channels splashed the breaking news, “Is there a superhero out to save India? Watch two children, Chunnu and Vaidehi who exposed the corrupt netas.” The media were stationed outside the house of the boy who exposed and pulled the Neta’s pyjama down.

Chunnu is scared and stammered, “I don’t know anything. It’s my friend the superhero who has all the powers in the world who saved us from the bad men who wanted to kill us. He looks like the hero in the film who beats a dozen villains.”

The TV people are surprised and murmured among themselves. A lady journalist gently held Chunnu’s hand and asked, “Don’t be scared, Chunnu. What is the name of your superhero friend?”

He hesitated at first and his voice wobbled with emotion, “Sorry superhero.” He stammered, “S—u—p—r—e—m—o.  Supremo. That’s his name. He has all the power in the world and can fly like planes and helicopters.”





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13 thoughts on “UBC Day 9: Chunnu meets superhero

    1. Thanks so much Mahek. Do tell me how you find it. hehe! It’s not Krish but the first ever Indian super hero who wore black and roamed at night. Take a guess..haha Tomorrow is his big day and hence, a tribute:)

  1. Abhimanyu is upset with you. He was listening to the story with awe and eagerness. When it ended, he got so upset…he wants to know what happened next.
    I have promised him that his Vishal uncle will take Chunnu and Supremo to places…

    1. Say sorry to Abhimanyu for the delay and keeping him wait. I am touched by his awe and if he is happy with the end, I will consider myself blessed for winning the heart of a young child. Watch out tomorrow, Chunnu and Supremo pairing will hopefully win his heart. Thanks a ton, Mayura and Abhimanyu for all the support. The last episode is my tribute to my inspiration on his birthday.After all, he was the first Indian super hero much before Krish and his ilk…hehe

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