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UBC Day 7: Chunnu’s adventure in Mumbai (2)


This post ‘Chunnu’s adventure in Mumbai (2) is written as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge on Day 7 for Blog Chatter. A big thank you to everyone who loved the story on Day 6 and it gave me wings to continue the story.

Chunnu’s adventure in Mumbai (2)

“Now, you sit here without moving, Chunnu. Are you worshipping the glass of milk? You better finish the whole glass of milk in 5 minutes?” Mom scolded him.

Chunnu was wearing a short and sat on the wooden stool. He wondered, “Why parents harass 10-year olds like this? They call me devil. It’s Mom and Dad who are the devils and my tormentors.”

He nursed the regret of running away from Nani in the small village to reach Mumbai, the maya ki nagri (City of dreams). His parents became so fed up of seeing him day dreaming in school back in the village and fleeing every now and then by hiding in the train to the city that they didn’t let him go back to Nani. Poor Chunnu! He is already missing Nani. At least, she doesn’t trouble him like they do.

A lizard crept on the wall. Chunnu looked around to see that no one was watching and stood on the stool, pulled the creature that was frightened to death. He twisted its tail with his tiny finger. He laughed and gasped in delight with the mouth wide. “Lizard! Lizard! Let’s be friends! Shh! No one will know.”

Chunnu smiled and told Mom, “I finished the milk.” Mom was delighted, “Arre wah! That’s my good boy. Where is the glass?”

He innocently said, “I gave to the maid.”

Chunnu would stare at children from his balcony in the Mumbai outskirt and saw a cute girl in uniform. She looked sad. He stared at her. Every day, he would watch her from the balcony and blew kisses towards her. She smiled shyly. He sneaked out of the apartment and ran down the stairs, muttering, “Simran! Mein aa raha hoon.”

She stood and looked at him, “Hi”. He said, “Why do you look so sad and where do you say?” She showed her house with her finger. “You know I hate school. I hate Maths and the stupid teachers. I hate milk.”

Chunnu jumped in delight, “I also hate milk. I will show you a trick what to do with the milk. “Friends?” he asked. She shook his hands. “Tell me the trick, na?” she said with excitement.

Every day, they would smile at each other as she waited for her school bus and Chunnu winked to her from the balcony. “I am happy,” she said. “You are a genius. No one in the house knows that I don’t drink milk. Mommy and Papa think that I am now a good girl.”

The maid was given an off on Friday. Chunnu’s Mom and Dad were at home to clean the house for Diwali, washing the windows and dusting beds, sofa and the curtains. A stinking smell suddenly pierced through the nose of Chunnu’s Mom and it became so unbearable that she slid the window panes open. She followed the smell and after searching frantically, it came as a rude shock.

She shouted to her husband. “Look, what your son has done?” The husband rushed and breathed heavily and let a loud shout. “What’s this smell?”

Chunnu’s Mom face was seethed with anger, “See! Spoilt milk kept in different glasses inside the cupboard. On top of that, our dear Chunnu has cut lizards into small pieces and mixed them in the milk as if he is concocting a dessert.”

Mom yelled, “Chunnu…Chunnu…Chunnu….come here?”

He leaped on his feet, “Please tell me why you’ve kept glasses of spoiled milk here and cutting lizards into pieces. And, yes those glasses don’t belong to us.”

Chunnu bent his head and didn’t say anything. Mom was aghast, “I want a reply now.”

“You and Dad forced me to have milk every day. I thought of making the lizards drink them by cutting them into pieces like meat bones so that we can eat later. The other glasses belong to my girlfriend. She also hates milk.”

Mom and Dad stared at each other. They asked, “Girlfriend?”

Chunnu smiled sheepishly, “She stays in the other building and wears green uniform.”

Mom and Dad looked at him in disbelief, “Oh! No! Sharma ji ki beti. What a way to romance! Spoiled milk, lizard dish and putting them inside glasses.”

Postscript: Chunnu’s adventure in Mumbai to be continued on Day 8.



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20 thoughts on “UBC Day 7: Chunnu’s adventure in Mumbai (2)

  1. Lol that was such an amusing read. Never at any point I felt boring. Really interesting from start till end. I wonder how can he touch lizards and hold them. They make me scream so hard.
    An Interesting romance idea though 😉
    Keep up the good work !

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