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UBC Day 3: It’s not Pizza. I will break up with you!


It’s not Pizza. I will break up with you!

She: I am bored. Let’s do something!

He: Cricket or football. It’s showing on Sony Max!

She: You guys are all the same. Can’t you guys think beyond sports and running after a ball?

He: Yes! Yes!

He pranced around and gave her wicked look.

SHE: What?!

He: Dirty show on TV at midnight!

SHE: Dude! Grow up!

HE: Yes! Let’s make out. Kissing and exotic love!

SHE: What happened to your creativity, Mr writer?  All you can think about right now is making love.

He scratches his head.

HE: Woman, I tell! To understand them is rocket science. I bet you will ask me to climb Mountain Everest or Himalaya now.

SHE: Of course, not. You must be potent to do that?

SHE: Do you guys ever make an effort to understand your women? Either it’s cricket, football or making out! Think, think, dude. There are so many things that bored people can do.

HE: Pizza?

SHE: What?

HE: Let’s order Pizza.

SHE: Dude, we just had a heavy dinner. By the way, you have forgotten something. It makes you lame, you know?

HE: I cut my hair, two days back. Wait! Wait! You just had a hair cut na! Wow! It looks nice on you.

SHE: Dude! Baby! I will stop calling you that. Do you ever remember things?

HE: Baba! Tell me what happened?

SHE: There is a big difference in giving myself a hair makeover with my combs and cutting my hair.

HE: Oh!

SHE: Take my advice. Consult a doctor. You are afflicted by forgetfulness.

HE: haha

SHE: Is haha an answer?

HE (smirks innocently): No. Not at all?!

SHE: Then?

SHE: Let me help you. When we first met?

HE: Two years back. Remember how I pursued you and you rejected me every time.

SHE: Of course. Now, I realize it was a mistake.

HE: See, now you realizing. You should have said yes the first time?

SHE: It was a mistake of saying YES to you. That’s what I mean?

He fell silent and wondered, ‘What’s wrong with her?’

SHE: Nothing is wrong with me. Please continue.

HE: Haan! Finally, you said yes when I wooed you with flowers. We’ve been together for 2 years. Yes! Today is the celebration of our two years together.

SHE: I am going to slap you. Try not to remember, I am going to break up with you straightaway.

SHE: Try to remember. You surprised me for the first time.

HE: Yes! At midnight, with flowers and singing a romantic song.

SHE: And…think! think! It’s your last chance.

HE: Wine and cake…We should do it again. Promise na, we will kiss and make out after that. I promise you bliss. I show how potent I am and yes, I don’t need to climb mountains to do that!

SHE: Well! We’ll see. What’s the date today?

HE: Oh! No! It’s your birthday.

SHE: Oh! Yes!

HE: Sorry Baby. I mean, how come I missed it?

SHE: Stop baby-ing me. You can go to hell. No sex for a year. Full and Final.

He is left red-faced and wondering how on earth he missed her birthday.

This fiction romance conversation,  ‘It’s not Pizza…I will break up with You’ is written on Day 3 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and linked to Blog Chatter.




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10 thoughts on “UBC Day 3: It’s not Pizza. I will break up with you!

  1. That is a pathetic! she is certainly in love with him, very very much! in today’s world there is no excuse for forgetting dates! everyone struts around with cellphones, there is a reminder option in it.

    you told the story beautifully! I actually keep a tab about my friends who remember my birthday ;p

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