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UBC Day 2: The end of it!


The end of it!


I walk alone and plod my tired feet on the deserted street. I wander aimlessly during the night where not a living is seen. Stories are raging inside my mind. I am fighting a lonely battle with myself. I don’t want to live. There is no disappointment or heartbreak. We are all travellers. How does one find a sense of purpose in life? I wonder.

I am sitting on the parapet admiring the tall buildings at night and gazing at the still water. I throw stones in the water and enjoy listening to the splash sound that it made. They say that the city makes you and teaches how to run, provided you have it in you. It’s all about a tale of survival.

There is no excitement in my life. No love shuv. No running around. It’s boring. I feel like a dead corpse. I have to do something about it. At least, in this lifetime. Time is running away. My hair is turning grey. What’s the point of cutting myself off from the world? Wait, I can be a character in a book. How about writing one? Or, participating in a blog challenge? Nah!

I am a coward. I have always run away from conflicts and my shadow. But, today, I will not run away. It’s time to face myself. It’s my reality. It’s harsh. I plundered everything. But, not today. I am waiting for the stormy waters with bated breath. But, why is it so gentle today? Deep inside me, I feel at peace with myself. Perhaps, it is the time of reckoning. I shall not shed a drop of tear. I shall smile. I am going to make headlines and go in style. Today, the world doesn’t know about me but tomorrow they will.

The crowd is alien to my identity. Perhaps, we are united by the same destiny. Some are happy and others are sad. Don’t we all fight our own battle with existence? There are people who have lost the art of living life and slogging their ass non-stop. I pity them. Look at the skyscrapers. Who can say what really happens inside those houses? Everyone thinks it’s hunky-dory. I am sure there must be a reality, an ugly truth hidden inside the comfort that reeks of luxury and wealth.

What’s the point of a life devoid of excitement? Stop being a coward, I tell myself. Just take the decision. You want to kill yourself! Just do it, mate. At least, jumping in the sea water is less painful than shooting yourself or drinking poison. Suddenly, it started to rain heavily. Nature is finally heeding to my wish. It’s the conspiracy of the Gods to take me in their arms. I cannot run away now.

I climb the steady rocks and trying hard not to fall, clutching to them and finally stood on the edge. I close my eyes. The water is becoming wild and stormy, like the outburst of anger. Fear engulfs me. I am within a distance of jumping inside the water. Should I give life another chance? Perhaps, yes. So what, I am a coward. I chose to postpone death. As I inch a step backward, my feet slip and lose my sense of balance. My body is flung. I sunk deep inside the water travelling at the speed of light. I feel a sense of calm. I am choking to death and water is seeping inside my lungs. Finally, I stopped breathing.

It’s the end.


This post on Day 2: ‘The end of it’ is written as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and linked to Blog Chatter.



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