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Tuesday mantra: Beauty of the mind, nature and flowing river

Struck in the heart of nature.

An osmosis.

Flowing river.

Soothing heart.

A calm and lone soul.

Gazing at the flow.

Touching the inner sense.

Captivating life in all its forms and hues.

Myriad imagination.


Tracing the root of the divine.

Child-like innocence.

I feel like splashing and tapping water.


Drench my naked feet.

Hold the baby fish in my palm.

Ah! Where’s my childhood gone!


Sitting amidst nature and admiring the water flow can work wonders for your soul. I did that just now. I normally take a walk near my house and stand from afar to feel the breezy wind and gaze at the water. It’s an enjoyable exercise. Today, I decided to venture closer and stand within inches of the water flowing into the river. You feel one with nature and the floating water ushering cool breeze that wafts past you can empower you at the spiritual level. You feel calm and stronger as a person. Never mind some environmentally insensitive folks who threw cans in the water. It simply breaks the heart how we disregard nature which is divine.

I can’t express how soothing and calm I feel by standing and admiring the waters. Right now, it’s doing wonders to my soul. I enjoy watching the water flow, branches flutter on the tree and the gentle wind. It makes you stronger and gave an elated feeling of treasuring existence. I do suffer from bout of minor depression from time-to-time but this exercise is giving me the feeling of awesomeness.


Dunno whether you can see the baby fish mushrooming in the muddy water. It’s simply beautiful and echoing life that we should treasure. Swimming in the water is such a pleasurable treat to watch. How do I wish to be in their place? I feel like holding them in hands and drenching my soaked feet. Lost childhood, anyone? It’s the catch. How we forsake and forget the child in us! Nature can be such an aphrodisiac for the soul and equip our mind like the stream of water, at times gentle or calm and stormy on another day. The mind craves for food to satiate hunger and it comes in the form of nature which is available for grab in our surrounding. I have a feeling it is filled to the maximum. Food for thought!

Wishing you a super awesome day.

Loads of love




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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