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Hindi poem: Yeh gulabee rang

Hope you guys doing well. It’s been four days of watching Pink and still can’t get over the film in my head. Like Mr Bachchan said, Pink is turning into a mass movement. I love the song Kaari Kaari and hooked to it. It’s an anthem. The passion, soulful within, mystery and deep, soothing voice inspired me to write a Hindi poem. It’s after ages that I am writing a Hindi poem. Hope you like it! Can’t get PINK out of my head.

Naaraz savera.
Gum sum kyon hai!
Yeh sama!
Akeli raatein.
Kyon ladkhara rahe hai tere paon!
Raat ki daldal!
Dhadkan kyon tez hai?
Tere raina.
Mere dil ki hazar tukde!
Tod do beriyan!
Tod do duniya ki rasme rivaaz
Kyon hai Sannata!
Tod de saare deewarein!
Aankh bandh kar le.
Savera aayega!
Yeh teri aankhein nahin hai.
Diye hai!
ussko jalne do!
Yeh suraj hai jo aur chamkega!
Roshni aur ashayein!
Isski khushboo
Mehsoos kar!
Apne dil ki suno.
Jashan hai jeet ka.
Mera jeet tumhara jeet
Yeh gulabee rang nahin bikhar payega.
Ek soch hai.
Bolo dil se!


Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

16 thoughts on “Hindi poem: Yeh gulabee rang

  1. Hi . I watched PINK yesterday with my partner along , and I truly admit that I can’t get it off my head . This song has nailed it . I am humming this tune all day long . I liked it all in all. I’m still in hallucination after hearing the song . Can’t get enough of it .. Hope to see u soon after I come out of hibernation!

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