I am Pink! Wear Pink in soul and spirit

Dazzling energy.

Shade of beauty.

Elongated charm.

It’s Pink.

A color!



Fight out!

Break the silence.



I am a man.

I wear Pink.

I believe in love, equality and progress?

Do you?

Don’t impute motive.

Prejudice dilute the color of beauty.

Twisted minds.

You shall not make hay under the sun.


It’s beauty, happiness and expressions,

in all its forms.


It’s an identity.

Neither man nor woman.

Pink has no gender, caste or class.

Rules are meant to be broken.


the shade of rebel.

Be One.

Wear with Pride.

Go and watch, Pink-The Film.

The big Friday release.

Pink is not just a film.

An idea to change the world.

Wearing Pink in my soul, spirit and nerves.

With Love






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