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Troll, Twitter Olympics gold and Shobha De

The Olympics game is over in Rio. A breather for the athletes till the next outing. Not quite so, for the Twitter troll and frenzied mob culture where any reason or perky tweet is good enough to let the madness unleash. It all started with Shobha De’s tweet on the famous selfie and the 140-odd-words devils went on a rampage.

The foxes went loose, trashing, trolling and even wished death to Shobha De. One cannot say that her tweet was tongue-in-cheek but it made the trick crucifying her on social media. No sane person spared the lady. We decided to take her case and stamp a judgment on her, pronounced the life sentence,  charged guilty, hanged and hacked her to death. I wonder suddenly what happened to our tolerance level that we take so much pride in flouting and thumping our stomach. You know the good thing: Shobha De united India.

It’s no secret that Shobha De’s tweet was totally uncalled for when we consider the tough conditions in which our athletes train in India and still manage to represent our country in the Olympic games. Period. Shobha De became an antidote to the Alia Bhatt jokes and we were running our own Olympics game on Twitter, competing with the who’s who’s getting the best laugh at the lady’s expense. Memes were shared and every stroke or feat accomplished by our athletes, PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik or Dipa Karmakar were reduced to nought making Shobha De hog the limelight. It was not her own doing but Twitterati who gave her moments of shame, fame and name.

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Suddenly, Shobha De was bestowed upon with the rare honor where her name was twisted with peppy and saucy tweets. The ridiculous thing is that one got the impression that Shobha De and not the likes of PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik or Dipa Karmakar defended the colors of India and sprinted her way to the final. It feels like we were cheering every jibe that became a gold medal clinched by Shobha De at the Olympics. The lady must be smiling on how she took away the pie from our athletes who honored the country. She suddenly became not our punching bag but mascot at Rio. Who said that India failed to clinch gold? Of course, we did and made Shobha De win it for us.

Many of us are quite depraved like some sex searching souls and we get some kinda mental masturbation in trolling and cursing. It was a field day on Twitter Olympics.  Shobha De actually won it big at Rio without taking part in any discipline. It was not Shobha De who slammed her way to the Olympics final but PV Sindhu. Shobha De is no freestyle wrestler. Shobha is no artistic gymnast.

It’s not her who prepared for the Olympics, sweated it out in Rio or won medals but how thoughtful of us to shift accolades or laurels away from our athletes to give it to Shobha De on a platter. It’s not her fight. Yet! We were no less than the babus or Ministers who put a shameful act at Rio, indulging in drinks, selfie-ism or self-invited themselves clicking with athletes to take away the limelight or success.

Shobha De has just won Rio for India. Who did it? Of course, us, the self-claimed and self-stymied social media Gurus where every dig landed in the wrong place. The least of things we could do for the three wonderful and inspiring women Sindhu, Malik or Karmakar was to give them their due for bringing a nation together and make every girl in this country aspire to greatness in sports. We chose to do otherwise. Isn’t it a lack of respect for our athletes? It makes me wonder. I am tempted to ask Shobha De what sports discipline she is into and practices for bagging gold at Rio without venturing in sinful Brazilia. The lady must have enjoyed the time of her life and enjoyed the ice cream before it melted on her tongue.

So much for a tweet. It’s something I wanted to write for a long time but waited for Shobha De to struck 140-words gold and let the controversy die before penning it. See, social media was on a prowl and I didn’t want to be the Kabbab Mein Haddi.

Enjoy Twitter folks till the next Olympics. You just showed how to strike gold.





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26 thoughts on “Troll, Twitter Olympics gold and Shobha De

  1. 😀😀😀

    I only wish all these people who spent so long on twitter .. The energy. . Why don’t they get together and make sure the authorities provide proper facilities and spend the money they say they spend on the athletes. .

    That would be so useful. . Then doing what we did.. you explained pretty well.. but are we going to listen..NOOOOOOOOO
    Because to us a twitter reply is enough because after all we have stood by athletes.. what happens to them now.. till next Olympics. . Who cares…😀😀😀

    1. Thanks Bikramjit. You know, the gyan givers who know everything and self-claimed rhetoric and as you said, rather than wasting energy, do contribute. There are so many ways to do so. It’s a real tragedy when no one is interested to earmark a fund to improve infrastructure and give world class facilities.

  2. True.. and now they did the same with Piers Morgan … Both the tweets were uncalled for but the reaction shown by us is similar to the mob culture prevalent in our country. hiding behind the mask of a username we fight for who said what!!

    1. The sad mob culture made those silly tweets relevant.How true! We troll and insult hiding under a Twitter. Can it get more intolerant than that? I think last week someone said something how we failed to grab gold and some idiots threaten her with rape. Glad Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje took matters in the hand. A police complaint was filed. High time for that!!!

    1. Thanks Alka. While the tweet was silly, the jibes and taking her name for everything made things even more ridiculous that I felt she was a mightier part of Olympics. It was totally crazy and makes me wonder what was more ridiculous, her tweet or those folks going over board. Her tweet was justified by the trolls.

  3. Haha thats true, she sure took twitter by storm,. The reactions were crazy, infact more crazier than her uncalled for tweet. So now till 2020, there would be silence on twitter with respect to the olympics.

    1. I mean, that’s always there and what was more lame were the trolls both on FB & Twitter that made her silly, uncalled tweet meaningful and took away the glory from our athletes…hehe

  4. sach bole kaua kaate…. yara sach kabhi na boliyo… good that people like Shobha ignore that policy! 3 medals??? how many athletes went there? As for those three medals well minus one of the Sindhu- she is totally gopichand and her own creation, no one else gets an iota of credit for them.

    1. The only reason we got three medals is the lack of facilities. I agree, it’s PV Sindhu and Pulela Gopichand achievement where no third party should take the credit for that!

      1. that guy is something, is not he?? three star students! ooh la la!!!!!! boy! he is something! 🙂 His own kids are great players too, hope they will follow sindhu and saina 🙂

        Yeah, any Indian player who wins a medal in olimpic wins on his/her own merit- amazing merit! no contribution from indian government (sport authority…).

      2. Coach Gopichand, I feel is a disciplinarian genius and such an amazing one. I think we need more people like him. Yeah, no credit to authorities and we need funds to set up state-of-the-art infrastructure and hope private sector comes in.

      3. Very true. I am a big fan of Saina and Gopichand, apparently Sindhu too will be joining the group. 🙂

        We meet so few Indian performers in sports fields who continue to perform year after year- like Paes and Bhupati, Vishwanathan Anand- my hot favorites 🙂

  5. I m not on twitter, so totally missed the hullaballoo. Its disheartening that well known writers miss common sense and empathy. I don’t know what she would do with all the attention she got, but its such a sheer waste of time and energy.

    1. I wouldn’t hold her against her, except the tweet was silly. I mean, people do that all the time. The most ludicrous thing came from Twitter brigade, echoing our intolerance and took away the triumph from our athletes.

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