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Ordinary women, extraordinary feat

Color splashed.

Brevity is an understatement.

Winning hearts.

Capturing minds.

Celebrating an identity.

Women of substance.

Men of valor.

Ordinary mortals.

Trudging the path of fire.

Quenching thirst of success.

Unlimited Hunger.

Champion doesn’t win every battle.

Some are lost at the finishing line.

Undying spirit makes men and women.

Battling prejudices.

Nepotism dying a silent death.

Our athletes.

Pride of a nation.

Fighting against all odds.

Ordinary women.

Dark horses.

Winning is not everything.

Triumphant spirit is.

Daughters are not second class citizens.

Proved on the battlefield.

Refused to play second fiddle.

Not born from the limbs of men.

Walking with the head high.

Stop treating your daughters with scorn.

Born to rule the world.

Worth gold.

The poem is a tribute to our athletes, P V Sindhu, Sakshi Malik, Lalita Babbar and Dipa Karmakar who fought against all odds and made India proud. It’s time to stop treated our women as inferior and decide their fate by marrying them off or make them cook food. Prophecies of doom, time to chuck off your myopic view on the real place of women. Their places are high on the pedestal.









Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

22 thoughts on “Ordinary women, extraordinary feat

  1. Well done to the Athletes .. Although I would say not just women but the whole TEAM needs to be rooted for..

    I am not sure if its a good thing that because the ladies have won we forget the men, Sorry just my thought.. Till we beleive in OUR TEAM.. Till each one of them beleive in themselves and people around them .. we will continue to be happy with one or two medals..

    Look at TEAM GG.. they are number Two and one only needs to look into the Team spirit each one of them was rooting for the other team member and you could see the happiness on EACH team member when one won ..

    We need that … Every Athlete in our team has managed to get to Rio against some odd or the other .. the biggest being the apathy of the officials.. so they all deserve a big applaud …


    just my thought.. I was going to post this but now put it all in this comment:) Sorry for taking so much space


    1. Yes! It’s quite tragic when we look at the lack of facilities but fought against all odds. Hope things change for better and a proper fund with professionalism is given priority. They deserve all applause. Olympics 2020? yes, we can provided there is a change in attitudes and sports are given top most priority.

      1. We need funds. Tokenism will not work. High time to devote crores to develop sports and we will produce tons. There is no dearth of talent and our officials making mastI while athletes are deprived of water. High time for sports people to take over. Perhaps, a lottery project like in UK where entire proceeds can be devoted to sports or emulate the IPL model.

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