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Sex with an ex (5)

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Sex with an ex (5):

It’s painful. Anita’s eyes became red and burnt like spewed fire. Her silence gnawed her soul every second. She cannot stop it and wanted to yell, ‘No, Enough. It’s tearing me out. I cannot take it anymore. My soul is ripped every nanosecond. Everything became black. She writhed in pain.

After all, how long can she lie to herself? Anita felt impure to cheat on her fiancé. He doesn’t deserve it. Ajay ran his fingers on her neck and caressed her belly, pressed his finger on her stiff boob and back. He licked her flat stomach.

She lay on the bed, gave her soul and body to the potent force that pressed her lip in a flurry of electrified passion. Blood oozed. Ajay ran out of breath, “I need you….” She yelped and moaned. He bit her ear. He undid his zip, lay on her curvy, naked body and entered her with full force. He thought, “It never felt so good.” He ejaculated inside.

It’s was the first time that Anita felt suffocated and rushed to the washroom, bent on her knees and threw up in the English toilet vase. Her body stiffened. She sat on the marble floor and cried her lungs out, howled in pain. She breathed heavily. How she wish she could kill herself!

Anita has lost control over her own self and couldn’t bear to hear her own screeched voice that horrified her. She wanted to run away from herself.  She was battered and needed to recollect herself, torn into pieces. She couldn’t blame Ajay. She has been a party to the clandestine meeting, routine sex and dragged herself in the muck. Anita fainted inside the washroom.

“I don’t understand one thing with you. You are unhappy with the sex you have with him and why the fuck you are still doing it. Have you seen your face in the mirror? What are you doing to yourself? ” Rohini blasted her.

“I don’t know what I am doing to myself. The more I try to distance myself from him, I am drawn to his arms and cuddle. The thing is we don’t sit and talk but end up making up everywhere, in the car, hall, hotel lobby and washroom. What should I do?” Anita broke up.

Rohini hugged her tightly. “See, life is not easy as we think it is. Trust me, some emotional ties are not really worth it. I don’t have a relationship with my husband. In the start, both of us tried to save the relationship but it never took off.  I have come to terms with it. In the first place, we fooled ourselves by entering the marriage bond. Now, we are done but living together for the sake of it.”

Rohini gently held Anita’s palms, “I think you need to get away from him. Go away and visit a new city or on an adventure trek. Take the time to figure things out. I bet your fiancé doesn’t know anything about it.” Anita was crestfallen and wore a guilt-ridden face. “That’s okay, Anita. He doesn’t need to know. I am here with you.”

Rohini and Anita have been meeting each other and they hit it off instantly like two long-lost sisters before they realized it. Secrets were spilled out on their personal lives where both took a strong liking to each other.  It became their firm belief that destiny has something to do by bringing them together.  Anita felt better every time she spoke to Rohini and became stronger by the day, slowing picking the thread in her life. She ignored Ajay frantic calls after the horrible night when they last slept together. All it took was meeting Rohini over coffee that made Anita see things with little clarity.

She got a dinner date with her fiancé. Anita was composed and intrigued at the same time with the man she is engaged to.  During their last meeting, he hid phone like a thief and the confidence in him turned shaky when Anita entered the room. A voice inside her head whispered, “This man is dicey.”





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