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World Photography Day: Kodak camera shots


August 19 was World Photography Day. It was a sheer coincidence that on the eve, my old, neglected and dusted Kodak digital camera caught my fancy when it was lying in a corner on the shelf. I dusted the charged, cleaned the camera and got it charged. I decided to take my 7-year-old camera with me when I go out for my coffee and pastry. I clicked and clicked, after ages. Yours truly wasn’t aware of World Photography Day and call it a sheer coincidence. The best thing is that the pictures were not clicked with the smartphone but dear old Digital camera. Trust me, this joy cannot be weighed in words and an elated feeling that the phone upload cannot beat. Here, sharing some picture taken where I am currently based in Mauritius, with you.


This place is the capital and called, Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis, a kinda shopping centre and it gives an interesting view of the mountains. The place is frequented by many tourists and many Indian honeymoon couples can be spotted to pose.


It’s a very old building that was constructed very long time in the capital and me think it was during the British colonisation rule.


I have an inkling and weak spot for those phone booth which is now something of the post. I remember when I went back to Pune in 2011, I walked fishing for an old STD booth but couldn’t find any much to my chagrin. I think mobile phones has somehow robbed us of everything beautiful and simple in life. The phone booth is nestled there for display only.


A view of the Mauritius Parliament and Government House in the capital. I ain’t very sure whose picture is that but guess one of the architects of the family of British colonizers.


A view of the city centre and capital in the sunny afternoon on a Friday.


I love fountain. It’s a beautiful and rare one that sits between one hand, State Bank of Mauritius and the other, HSBC Bank.


The sea view of the Caudanwaterfront which was earlier known as the Dock where super successful flicks such as Romesh Sharma’s Hum and David Dhawan’s Bade Miya Chote Miya and Karan Johar’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai were shot in the 1990s.


A view leading to the market place where there are several Government offices, Banks and eating outlets.

See ya



PS: The pictures were taken last Friday but dunno why it’s being read as being clicked on 02/01/2008.




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16 thoughts on “World Photography Day: Kodak camera shots

    1. Thanks so much Somali. It happened by coincidence and realized that it was World Photography day in the morning. Guess, things happen for a reason. The whole smart phone and selfies dictating our lives, sadly!

  1. good that you have brought your old digital camera to life. The date printed erratically might be due to a bug in the camera

    1. Acha! Thanks for notifying me about the date and it’s quite a bug to the mind. I promise never to abandon my old Kodak. It’s priceless in an age where we swear by smart phones that dilutes our joy.

  2. I truly miss the good old days of analog photography. I remember unknowingly exposing the film to the sunlight. One of the stupidest things I have ever done.

    1. You know I did that with an old roll of camera since I carried it in sunlight and when I showed to Kodak wale uncle in Pune, many of our college wale pics were burnt. He showed me the film…said never carry like that. Woah you reminded me of that stupidest thing!

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