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Sex with an Ex (4)

Rohini expertly flicked her cards, scanned her opponents and flung it to grab the handful thousand rupees notes that lay scattered on the Chinese wooden table. It was a Saturday evening, nestled in the private lounge in the five-star hotel’s sky rise where the exclusive kitty party and gossip with alcohol flavor, wild dancing, and Tandoori wafted in full swing.

Sanjana, the army wife, couldn’t digest that Rohini beats her in every game and she fumed how the former gets it right every time. It was not an issue of money. Sanjana has plenty of it to spend like a fish. But, this Rohini woman was getting on her nerves. She wasn’t going to let this moment to savor sweet revenge slip away like that.  After all, her army husband shared the grapevine with her. Her cocky smile reeked of wickedness. “Haan! Rohini darling, have another drink to celebrate your victory over me.” The women, swarmed in their expensive gold and designer sari worth several lakhs, giggled. Everyone has a score to settle with the other which they faked by blowing flying kisses and hugs, forever plotted each other’s downfall.

Sanjana sat cross-legged on the sofa,sipped the expensive Johnny Walker Black Label whisky, caressed the glass with her lip and lit a cigarette, spat her venom, “Rohini! Baby! How come Ajay is not seen with you nowadays? I am so concerned love. I heard that you guys are not sleeping together anymore. You need some action on bed. Do something about it. At least, whip him and get a baby.”

The women pretended to be shocked at the lash but deep inside, they were excited like kids prancing around. Rohini got the hang and knew that Ajay has been seeing Anita again. “Oh! Sanjana, dear Sanjana. You are so concerned about me. After all, we are partners in crime. I heard last time, it went horribly wrong for you, na.”

Sanjana hands trembled at Rohini’s words and put the glass on the table. “What do you mean by that?” she was horrified.

“No,” It was the turn of Rohini to smile, “When Major Saab was not around, the young college boy half your age that you brought home to bang you…heard jewellery disappeared in your room and lakhs went into hiding. Be cautious love. Rumors are like the flying jet and cocks travelling faster than light. See, I am concerned too,” just wondering. Sanjana’s face turned red and seethed with anger. She thought, “How come that bitch came to know about it?” Everyone was stunned and fell into deafened silence.

The music roared like thunder when Rohini leapt on her feet, sashayed on the dance floor, gyrated to Gallan Godiyan when she suddenly  tripped and stepped on a foot. She lost her balance and split the liquid on someone’s bright yellow-purple dress which stood spoilt. It was the doing of the silver-colored  whisky that formed a circle of stain on the dress.

Rohini rushed to her, “Sorry darling. I accidentally tripped.” The girl smiled, ‘It’s okay.’

The party finished in the morning. Rohini was in high spirit and sloshed when she tipsily drove her brand new silver Jaguar, zigzagged on the deserted streets of Mumbai. She lost control of the car and hit a Maruti Swift on the back. “Oh! No!” she broke into laughter when the owner of the small car stepped out. The latter understood, “You are drunk. Let me drive you home in my modest car.” As they drove, Rohini slurred, “I think…we will make great friends. I spilt my whisky on your cute dress, banged your car and I am sitting in your car. It happened for a reason. I am sure we are united by destiny.”

The girl on the wheel wondered, “Hope it’s just the alcohol and she’s not a lesbian..” The car reached her house but Rohini insisted on entering the house on her own. She hates being dependent on someone or for that matter, hanging on to clutches in life.  As the girl got back inside the car, Rohini said, “I owe you a coffee treat, at least. Let’s meet tomorrow and send me your number on whatsapp. We can hit it off as friends and we got so much to speak.  I am Rohini. What’s yours?”

“Anita,” she smiled back and drove off. Their destiny was united by one man and they were oblivious to it.



You can read the earlier chapter here.








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14 thoughts on “Sex with an Ex (4)

    1. Thanks Shalinee, I will keep it going as much as I can. The best thing is that there is no sketch or plan but going with the flow. In fact, it’s a very old story that was revived after four years something!

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