Lifeless, larva tears and bombs


Blood stains.

Innocents at the mercy of criminals.

Childhood lost and ravaged.

Sitting in blood, like a stone.

Saved and rescued.

Yet, lifeless.


Where are thou!

Bombing a nation.

Ripping apart children.

Criminals wearing the garb of politicians,

discussing in board room the human fate.

Tears turned into larva.

It was not a bomb!

Human lives that exploded.

Who is the terrorist?

Men and women wearing masks.

Pretense of saving the world!

Ripping the heart.

Dare you call yourselves Humans.

Look at the innocent face.

Death hovers, looming and lurking,

above heads.

His tears has stopped.

A boy who should learn to laugh, play and prance around.

He sits on debris.

Many little Dakneesh.

Faces covered in concrete.



Joy and happiness alienated.

His fault?

Be a lesser human.

Born in the wrong world.

So-called civilization.




You kill innocent children.

PS: The poem is dedicated to little Dakneesh and thousands of children massacred and killed by air strikes in Syria. The child was saved under ruin masses in Syria. I am not putting the picture of the child for it simply tears and rip apart the heart.


‪#‎prayforsyria‬  ‪#‎prayforpeace


17 thoughts on “Lifeless, larva tears and bombs

  1. beasts, cowards, yes…how else can they justify what they do? and the people who sit smug in boardrooms doing nothing are equally responsible too…The situation in Syria and all places ravaged by these maniacs is heartbreaking and your poem captured it so well.

    • It’s so heart breaking seeing the picture of the innocent boy smeared in blood on Facebook. Shubhangi, it affected me like it must have to so many, I am sure. Those brainless cowards and bastards will justify anything in the name of politics but they are terrorists. You’ve put it so well and was seething with anger when I wrote this poem.

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