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Friday Fiction: Rock to hell

Hey folks,

Hope Friday is treating you well. Get started for happy hours and party after office for you deserve it after a whole week of slogging the ass. Since it’s Friday, I am treating with a peppy, light and funny fiction. Hope you will like it. Yeah! Rock to Hell

Rock to Hell

The pub was crowded like a beeline to hell.  The waiter brought a tray with two glasses of the red liquid, Rock to Hell.’ He toggled with his Apple smart phone and placed the glasses on the table careful not to spill it on his new and expensive blue Denim and white shirt. A leggy lass sporting a red short skirt flitted past the table and his roving eyes scanned her curves.

Someone whispered in his ears, “You will not change this bad habit of hitting on every moving thing in a public glare.” It was a familiar tone. Deeksha was dressed in white Salwar and looked like the odd one in the South London pub. Akash winked at her, “Babe! Lemme kiss you.” She warned him, “Don’t you ever try this trick on me. I am still married…”

Akash stopped his joke midway and his face became emphatically serious, “So, he told the reason he is deserting you?” The glow on Deeksha’s face waned away and muttered, “Quite flimsy would you imagine. Just because I like my dog to sleep inside the house and he likes cats.”

“What are you planning to do?,” he asked.

“I dunno re. May be become a nun…haha,” she laughed sarcastically.

“Don’t pity yourself, yaa. Look what are you doing to yourself? Make life happening and flush him out of your life.”

She sobbed. “Stop acting like a Bhartiya Nari..tell him to fuck off and get a life.”

“I mean how,” she was confused.

“Get drunk…first, gulp your Road to hell.”

“Pardon me”.

“Don’t go to hell. It’s the drunk silly.”

Deeksha gulped everything and was suddenly high. “Ok! Cool, handsome. Let’s get drunk…with you first.”

“Not me, you dumbo. Let me finish. Get drunk with your gang of girls.”

“Why not you?” she innocently asked.

“My face! By any chance, do I look like a girl? I said your gang of girls. Okay! I understand that boys and girls have very distinct inside features but we have facial differences. Second thing, do a strip tease in front of everyone in this pub right now and chuck out this out-of-place white Salwar Kameez. You look like a roasted Papad in a London Pub, the same junk that our people fool the gora pretending it’s Indian Thali.”

Deeksha was already high. She leapt out of the sofa when Akash forcefully pushed her on the sofa. “I am not finished yet. Do some masti. Hit on some unknown guy shamelessly. “You,” she pranced with joy.”

He made faces, “I am not a random guy. Everything I am telling, you are saying, You, You, You. That way, it’s better you hit on Karan Johar. Now, go!”

Deeksha hung herself on the pole, attempting a lame dance. The crowd cheered and she walked clumsily on her toe, removing her Kurta to perform a somersault to the crowd’s delight. throwing it on their faces. She showed her bareback, jeered to the music and had the best time of her life doing the pole dance. She was high on free-spirited alcohol. Something was shining. She gotta take her revenge now. She grabbed the mike. Her speech was slurred, “People!! I am high on life. You know why? My husband has just left me for her kitten. But, I am happy and flushed him out. He’s such a bore and impotent on bed. You know who is my husband?”

The crowd didn’t know where to look and Deeksha pointed her finger straight at Akash. The latter was flabbergasted and wondered when the fuck did he become her husband. He had no option but to drag her away from the party. She dozed inside the car. He vowed never to take his best friend to a public party, pep her with being mad and get her high on alcohol. So what, she was getting a divorce!

They didn’t realize that their parents are plotting to get them hitched after Deeksha’s divorce is completed.






Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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