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Friends forever

Friendship carved and made during our immature days are always special for they are a game changer and define us for a lifetime.  Remember the days of innocence when we longed and tender our hands to be held tightly to proudly exclaim about having a best friend, special one, 4 a.m friend who would listen to our rants. It felt like winning gold at Olympics. It’s true friendship when we laughed, cried and fought together.

Har ek friend Zaroori hota hai, be it a phone call or whatsapp messages on Friendship Day where digital or social media has filled the void of human emotions. A time when we would meet each other, longing to be together and triumphing with silly pranks. The first friends we made in college and running together for classes, gossiping over silly little things and of course the dark little secrets that shouldn’t be out in the open. In life, we do become an emotional wreck but we know that there is a shoulder to lean on. It’s our true friends, the power booster. No trouble can be big enough to tear us apart for we know our friends are always here for us. Cigarette and alcohol brought us together.

It feels like yesterday only when we remember the first friend made in childhood and, of course, college who made us discover ourselves, the strengths that lie dormant within us or the truth told on our face that led to tussle. The parties we had and where we got drunk, throwing each other into the cold pool of water and pulling each other’s legs, calling funny names was pure madness. The cherished moments in life where only a true friend who shouts at us for being laid back and doing things wrongly or flunking exams. Sometimes, I wonder where have all those days gone! Every day was special where we woke up to meet friends, forgetting to comb our disheveled hair and spending time on sms, busy making plans. It was pure bliss.

Intoxicated with the joy of friendship was pure bliss when we grew together to chase dreams, spending years that seems like a lifetime in college where we burned the midnight candle, getting notes Xeroxed. Our friends were the partners in crime and nothing could be done without the other. It was the golden rule of rebel and consuming happiness, loitering throughout the night, getting stoned and heart batting for each other.

Reveling in our joys and passion,we took our friends for granted till it slipped our minds that those days almost came to an end when we parted and drifted in different parts of the world.  The near perfect days would never come back and no amount of tears would make us taste this juice of friendship like we did for the first time. Some friends have drifted over small and petty squabbles. Yet! The moments spent together were truly priceless and showers of blessing from the sky. Like siblings, we don’t choose our friends but an invisible force that brings us together to experience unlimited happiness in life to make the sweetest memories to trace ways into our hearts.

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Missing those eternal friends who keep defining me and made friendship sacred. Friends forever! Friendship that goes beyond the physical realm of attachment for the strings of the souls are weaved together and the ones who left us early to their abode.

Smokey days of friendship;

Pot of friendship;

Fags and ashes;

Last drop of alcohol;

Money we borrowed from chums,

never gave back.

accounted for memories and times of friendship.

Heavenly trip.

Emotions keep us alive;

Naughty us.

Sharing morsel of food, thumps-up, candies or fags.

First crushes,

you were the first one to know, friends.

Stoned to death.

Saturday night frills.

Crush and girls,

Our friends were the first to know.

Where have those days gone?

Only memories remain.

We smile, laugh and cry.

Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Day is celebrated in India on the first Sunday in August.








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20 thoughts on “Friends forever

  1. So true is this line – we don’t choose our friends but an invisible force that brings us together to experience unlimited happiness in life. And still with time, with changes in circumstances, in us and in them, friendships fall apart. We grow up to find ourselves alone and then our mind takes us to the carefree days of school and college. Such is life. The post was a good take.

    1. I believe in the unknown force that brings us together and with time some friendship fail where we need to fend for ourselves. Such friends are much strength and lucky that some stayed strong. As you said, it’s life. Thanks lot:)

  2. Wow! Congrats Vishal for the Tangy Tuesday Picks!
    Yes, friendship is a special relationship and friends are our cherished ones. We might part ways due to a hundred reasons, but they will always have a special place in our hearts! Lovely post!

    1. Thanks Blogadda for the mention. It made my day and was completely unexpected. Looking forward for more posts submission. Apologies for late reply since it went to spam.

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