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Chai & Gossip: Sharing happiness and food

Hey folks,

I am starting a new blog feature. ‘Chai & Gossips’ where I will write about my observation about people, funny anecdotes, politics, human stories or conversations. The posts will be kept short and sweet. Today, I write about Sikhs in Mumbai who made a difference to lives. Hope you enjoy it!

Sharing happiness & food

Food is curry for the soul and flows like a stream of happiness to the crawling stomach. There are many who label a city and its people as ruthless but there are souls who painstakingly cook food to feed empty stomachs. It’s all about sharing happiness.  During the Mumbai days, I witnessed a group of Sardar at Churchgate Station who would prepare delicacies like Biryani or Khichdi and Prasad that they would distribute to the commuters.

Every Thursday evenings, the Sardars would distribute servings on the day where prayers to Shirdi Sai Baba are offered and the men, mavens at the task of taking spoonfuls of food and swiftly put them in the banana leaves, to and fro folded like gifts. I admired the tricks conjured by the hands that swiftly moved the food to serve hundreds of commuters at the ever busy Churchgate Station in the blink of seconds. What skills!

As a student, it was always a saving grace for I visited Churchgate station every single day to buy newspapers at the Kiosk or alcohol at the wine shop inside or strolling by walking down the stairs at the subway that serves as a shortcut towards Asiatic Department or Eros Theatre. It was a daily affair where I used to hang at the station to buy sundry stuff.

It’s admirable in an age where we become armchair activists by speaking a lot about making a difference to people’s lives and shouting on roof top on the joy of giving back to society. How many of us step out of our comfort zone to feed people? I bet there are very few of us who do this. It’s a tale about the Sikh guys who were doing it religiously every Thursday where everyone was fed, from the commuters, and beggars. It’s no mean task to prepare so much food, take people along and sacrifice their day, in a city like Mumbai where time is literally money.

It really makes a difference to see such men and women who believe in the philosophy of sharing and caring for humanity, at large. It’s a post that I wanted to share with everyone on how such men made a huge difference to humanity through their selfless act. We need more such men and women at a time where we have become cynics on everything that revolves around us.

I shall come  back later to share more on ‘Chai & Gossip.’





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13 thoughts on “Chai & Gossip: Sharing happiness and food

    1. Thanks so much, Vidya. The new feature will be about life’s observation, small anecdotes, joys and sorrows in lives. Will make it short and sweet. There are such souls believing in making a difference to lives:)

  1. we all do have so many memories around food…. a certain dish can trigger so many nostalgic moments …. Heart warming post.. 🙂

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