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Flash Fiction: Sultry girl and statues


Anamika flits around in the long white skirt and struts around the spacious apartment on the 12th floor. She sits alone during the whole day inside the white coated luxurious sea-facing apartment and smiles seductively at her prized wooden wardrobe.  Anamika slides open the wooden door to hold the statue close to her chest, “Oh! Lover! What do I wear today at the party? I promise that it’s the last time that you gotta stay alone when I am not around. You know everything about me, our deeply buried secrets and you are the  one who see me naked every night.”

She places back the statue in the wardrobe and it jerks towards the short red skirt lying on the hanger. Anamika perches her head inside the wardrobe to kiss the statue. “Today is the last party. I always lived up to promises made to you. Gotcha company. No crying, okay,” she gestures as if the statue would come to life.  Anamika disappears in her silver-grey BMW car.

‘What a boring party,’ she wonders. The tall dude is sitting alone at the bar sipping beer and waiting for his catch, scanning around to hit on a sultry, hot women for a night of stormy passion.  One night stand is what the sex obsessed guy  looks for every single day. Anamika gently run her finger on his blazer and winks at him, “Hi handsome, won’t you buy me a drink?”

He beams, “Of course.” He was already making ideas and his mind is blown by her flawless face, enticed by her long fingers and red nail polish that makes her the sexiest living thing in the party. Anamika plays with her hair, “What a boring party, dude? Let’s get out of here. Your house or mine? Actually, tell you a secret. Let’s go to mine. I live alone.”

Anamika spent the whole day cleaning the blood sodden statue and removed the greasy skin smeared on the surface. The two skeleton stand tall and within an inch of each other inside her favorite wardrobe. She was right. Her first friend will never stand alone and they have each other for company, lusting at Anamika in the dark.





Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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    1. Thanks Subha for dropping in. I am not very sure about that buy yes in the past I wrote a couple of horror stories. Will share the link:) I guess writing horror series is quite tough, though!

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