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A Goddess who conquers

She came as a whiff of divinity and fragrance of flurry of air wafting in the South Mumbai cafe. Echoing spark like the Goddess of magic and personified confidence, Nazoo curled the smoke that twisted in rings and the passion in her eyes told thousand stories. An enigma that sashay and made her dupatta flow, embodying dreams. I sat, watched and followed her gaze. There were no starry air yet the personality was made of something else. I could have fallen for her yet didn’t but stood amazed at the passionate words she belched out.

Her eyes beamed with glow that shone on her face. A passionate and sharp debater, she made me see her points when we discussed about society and its ways of doing things. She didn’t need to make efforts to stand among the crowd. She was not just your average girl but a woman born to conquer. I sat and watched her in awe. Our meeting point was the frequented cafe, smoking and chatting about life. A women that forces admiration. They don’t make such kind of women. She’s rare. Lucid, charming and stuffs dreams are made of. She is no one’s muse yet poetry weaved in depicting her emotions and nuances. An angel in the form of human soul with flaws. Don’t we all have flaws! She sparkles with contagious energy. You feel her presence and magnetism that can overpower any living thing with her gaze. We spoke when she asked if she can borrow a light for her cigarette. After all, we are all smokers!

Nazoo was destined to conquer the stars, chase for dreams and achieve greatness. After all, she did! She lit the cafe with her gaze as she smoked and casually chatted the pan wala guy who smiled at her. After all, who can ignore her steps?! People looked around when she walked. The free spirit and wildness in her, coy is not her thing. She can put the dogs to sleep on the street and make the birds take flight to conquer their freedom. Our conversation were like the precious gems and a stroke of gold that lands in your heart and soul. A poet’s muse but too extraordinary to be fettered or conquered. A flawless face that echoes kindness, beauty and stroke of lush breeze. Her words are worth every penny, unblemished by prejudice and has the knack of making and speaking simple things with so much power.

Sensual braid and her flawless feet is an understatement. There are souls who leave a deep impact on your mind and making you believe in the extraordinary. A true Goddess in all her forms and expressions, she brought positive vibes like the gentle wind fluttering.

PS: Dedicated to one of the most wonderful woman, human and friend I met in the cafe where we discussed everything under the sun during our small and rare snippet of conversation. No, I didn’t have a crush on her but admire her. She is conquering the world and achieving the extraordinary in her world. When she walks, you can just sit in awe and watch her. Stay blessed, Nazoo. You are a Goddess.





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12 thoughts on “A Goddess who conquers

    1. Na na no romance or attraction at all!!! I really admire her and she captivated souls with her confidence. I believe that there are Goddesses and they exudes so much positive energy, extraordinary and magic:)

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